Maths Displays

I love creating displays in my classroom, especially to demonstrate a Maths concept. Here are some of my favourites...
Children used these posters everyday for reference. They have all the important information without being too overwhelming! Available in basic and Australian fonts. 
 Fractions Brainstorm
Geometric Multiplication Circles - a great activity for teaching skip counting and multiplication.
Prep children learning about the phases of the Moon. We also created a moon chart to keep track of the shape of the moon each night.
Prep Activity - where does the picture below? Day or night?
 What's the weather like today?
This is an example of a Morning Meeting Maths board that I had in my room in Tacoma, Washington. It would usually take us around 5 minutes of quick maths to fill up the board each day! Click here to find out more information. 

 Brainstorming Numbers on a higher level
3 for Free! Poster can be found in the Fact Family Triangles pack. 
Ice-cream Shapes! Download for free!
It is always important to display your children's birthdays somewhere in your room. They love to keep track of when everyone's birthday is!
In my Prep classroom (Kindergarten) I have a graph made up ready to use whenever required. This day we graphed colours of leaves we found in the yard - a great autumn activity!
How many of your feet and hands can fit into a meter? Children firstly measured a meter using a large rule and cut a piece of string, then used that as a guide to see how many would fit!
Teaching odd and even numbers to Year 1 students.
I love creating a display where children make numbers out of dough or plasticine and I take a picture! They love saying "sixteen, you know Tom" and finding numbers by finding their classmates!
Fraction strips. Putting fractions in order from smallest to largest.
You can do so much everyday maths with Birthdays!
Expanded Form Cards
Isn't this clock great! I got the idea from pinterest!
Fraction Fun!



  1. Love these photos Alison!! Especially the Day and Night and Moon Phases displays! If only I had peeked at these before this UOI!

  2. Thank you for sharing these :) I love the idea of having a graph ready to use.... I think this would be really useful. I might need to borrow your idea :)

  3. Thank you for thsee ,with my best wishes


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