Teacher Timesaver Tip Using Small Bowls

Today I am sharing my Teacher Timesaver Tip using small bowls, an easy idea that changed my classroom organisation (organization) big time. As my life as a relief teacher continues giving me time at home with our toddler, I am in and out of new classrooms and schools regularly. I was chatting to another teacher recently who remarked "how good are little bowls, I use these for everything". Head nodding and in total agreeance, I decided I needed to share this tip a little further!

Many moons ago, I bought these bowls. They are cheap, there is nothing exciting about them, simply purchased from my local supermarket. I thought they were cute, nice bright colours and like so many teacher impulse items, I was sure I'd find a use for them. Little did I know, they were going to make day to day running of my classroom so much easier.

Math Centers - Counters

These bowls are most commonly found full of counters, stacked neatly on my maths shelf. My prep (kindergarten) students were well trained in where to collect them from and how to stack them when they were finished. Instead of giving handfuls of counters, putting counters in the middle of tables or having crowds of children surrounding around one box of counters trying to choose their favourite colour, children simply grabbed a bowl. Playing bingo in Literacy Centers? Grab a bowl of counters. Playing a math game? Grab a bowl of counters. Setting up Math Centers and need some counters, pop a bowl on the table. You get the idea, right? It is quick, easy and made transitions so much smoother! Perfect for when students are playing games on the floor too!

Even now, I often take them with me when I am teaching a grade for an extended period of time. Games are such a big part of my Maths warm ups and activities for early and fast finishers, that I need counters ready to go at anytime.

Need dice for today's game. Add a few dice in each bowl and you are ready to go!


Literacy Centers

Use during Literacy Centers for magnetic letters or word activities or to store game/word pieces. Cut up sentences and add to the bowl for children to put back together. Use them to store words for bingo. Zip lock bags can be tricky for some children to open, use bowls instead! You will find yourself using them everyday.

Art and Craft Activities

The small bowls also pay a huge part of my set up for art and craft activities. Add paper, pom poms, googly eyes and anything else you need and you are ready to go! Easy to prep, easy to put out on tables and easy for the students. Anything that makes life easier for everyone, I am all for!

You get the idea, right? So many uses! How can you see yourself using them? Give other teachers some more hints in the comments below.

Love playing bingo in your classroom? Check out my Math Bingo Bundle, great for warm ups and when you have a spare 5 minutes. And AMAZING value!

You will also love my Dice Math Games pack. Full instructions and game boards are included.

As soon as you start using little bowls in your classroom, you will wonder how you ever lived without this teacher timesaver tip!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thanks Alison, for your wonderful insights about teaching kids in early stages. Kids really learn quickly through activities and keep them in a healthy state of learning. Your inspiring posts are awesome, keep sharing such useful and innovative ideas for the teachers and educators. Good Luck!

    1. It is so fun knowing that students like fun activities provided by the teacher, and are secretly learning/growing. I agree, this post has some useful and clever resources for teachers.

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    1. I am excited to use these ideas for my future classroom. I agree that it is helpful, and there is so many different ways to use each of the resource ideas!

  4. I think this is a great idea! Learning centers are fun for students, it promotes independence, and teaches them how to problem solve. Math games are so wonderful because what feels like a game to students is them learning a lot! Thank you for sharing!

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