Symbols of Australia Flipbook {Free}

Australia, the Land Down Under, is the country I love and love to share with others! Even though I love creating Maths resources, I have also branched out recently and created some Australian resources, perfect for anytime learning about Australia. I'm sharing this Symbols of Australia flipbook with you, and best of all, it's FREE!


Teacher Timesaver Tip Using Small Bowls

Today I am sharing my Teacher Timesaver Tip using small bowls, an easy idea that changed my classroom organisation (organization) big time. As my life as a relief teacher continues giving me time at home with our toddler, I am in and out of new classrooms and schools regularly. I was chatting to another teacher recently who remarked "how good are little bowls, I use these for everything". Head nodding and in total agreeance, I decided I needed to share this tip a little further!

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