20+ Ideas for teaching One to One Correspondence

A new school year signifies taking things back to basics for our beginning learners. Children are eager to learn and want to show you how far they can count. But then we take things back a few steps. Most children come to school being about to count, for many only by rote. I know I have a little leaner at home who can tell you 1,2,4 and 8,9,10 but doesn't really understand what that means. That's where One to One Correspondence comes into play. Keep reading to see 20+ ideas for teaching  One to One Correspondence. 

One to One Correspondence Definition. 

I was first exposed to the concept of One to One Correspondence as a teacher - of course I knew what it was, I had been doing it since I started school, I just never thought of it as a concept. Put simply, a child has 6 cups and are instructed to put one straw in each cup from a collection of straws. If they can follow this instruction, they have one to one correspondence. If the child put all straws in one cup or shared all straws out between the cups or was confused, they don't understand one to one correspondence. It is simply connecting one object to one object.

25 Resources and Ideas for Teaching Australia Day

Australia Day is nearly upon us for another year. Australia Day sits at a funny spot in the school year doesn't it. Some states are back at school for the new school year, others are still on holidays. Back to school in Victoria always falls around the time of Australia Day, but I still always take the opportunity to celebrate it with the kids, even after the time.

With the back to school craziness I have you covered for great resources, easy preparation and purposeful learning about Australia Day. Below you will find 25 Resources and Ideas for Teaching Australia Day.

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