Charting the Weather

Today is a total promotional post. This activity is something I have done for so many years, but have never really shared so I thought now would be a great time!

As many Kindergarten/Foundation teachers will know, understanding calendars is an integral part of early number work and measurement. Everyday we practice counting and naming the days of the week.

Introducing my Weather Calendar Books! This activity can be easily integrated into your daily routine as part of a weather investigation. And best of all, children love completing their little books on a daily basis!

After making up a book for each student for the month, students number the days and colour in the front over. Students chart the weather on a daily basis across the month using pictures typically seen on the news or in newspapers to represent weather patterns. I have always found there are a few students who are obsessed with checking their parent's phone every morning and have the temperature and predicted weather report ready to share.

Included in this pack are both Northern and Southern Hemisphere front covers as well as a Celsius, Fahrenheit or blank calendar page. Simply copy off a front cover for each student and 4 or 5 calendar sheets and staple. The making of the books will take a little bit of time so a paper slicer and a parent helper would come in handy!

Fall in the Northern Hemisphere!

Spring in the Southern Hemisphere!


  1. i try to read your blog little by little, and i although understand a very little because my ability in english language very danger.
    but thankyou for the share your idea and i hope tomorrow i understand what do you speak in this blog

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