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Hello friends! Any loyal followers may notice the change in my blog recently. While I loved the old design, I wanted to move with the times and work with a different platform. I toyed with the idea of switching to wordpress, but instead found Design with Christi who could do everything I wanted, and very quickly! I love it - Thank you Christi, it is everything I wanted!

What prompted the change in the blog was the completion of the course "Expand your Brand" by Angela Watson - I have learnt so much already (and haven't finished) and wanted a fresh new look. So, with the new design, I have decided to change the focus of my blog - I had thought that since I didn't have a classroom (as I am still on family leave), I couldn't blog because I couldn't share the happenings in my classroom. What I had forgotten is that I can instead share the wealth of knowledge I have after teaching for so many years. New teachers are turning to the internet to help, and I can help - I would LOVE to help you all! So my new focus is:

Purposeful Teaching with Practical Resources rings true to my way of teaching. With the already crowded curriculum and the constant feeling of not being able to achieve everything I need to, I don't want to do activities that are purposeful. Time fillers, worksheets for the sake of worksheet (you know the ones, 5 minutes and they are done!) and activities without a direct purpose are not on my radar. What will the children learn? Why am I doing this activity? These are questions I ask myself with every lesson and this style of teaching is what I am promoting. The resources I will direct you to and the resources that I create will have this in mind "Purposeful Teaching".

As an Primary School Teacher, I am teaching all subjects all the time. And while Maths and Science have always been my favourites, I have grown to feel more comfortable across the board and no longer feel I have a favourite! Previously I have posted things about Literacy and Humanities activities, but from now on, I will stick to Maths - Teaching MATHS is after all the title of my blog!

In the coming blog posts I hope to strike a chord with you all, reach out to those of you in need of guidance, give a new idea to those who need it and for others, just another perspective on how to look at teaching something.

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  1. I was so excited to see a new post from your blog in my email today! I love, love, love the new design and look forward to your future posts!



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