Math Game Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Break! I'm just excited that Lent is finished and I get to eat too much chocolate again. Hmmm, love Cadbury Easter Eggs!! 

This week for Math Game Monday I am going to review a website that I discovered last year and loved! Have you visited

Firstly, I love it because you can choose your Grade level straight away. 

Then there are sub-categories of:

More (including space, geometry, patterns and art)
Just for Fun

and heaps of games under each sub-category. 

This is an example of Grade 2 Numbers!

I clicked on Comparing Number Values and got to choose whole numbers or facts and the level easy, medium or hard. Each game is clear, fun, has sound and interactive! 

I used it on the Smartboard during the week as warm up activities, then children played the games by themselves on a Friday during our ICT time. soon became our go to website when teaching a new concepts. The parents loved the kids playing it at home too!


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  1. Great tips and very easy to understand. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start my blog.


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