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It's time for another week! All those Australian teachers who are on their Autumn/Easter Break - enjoy - all those others who are heading back to school for another week, I'm sorry! 

Today for Math Game Monday I have a great blog post for you to visit! 

I came across this great blogpost by Melinda at Top Notch Teaching where she has done lots of the hard work for us. Melinda has searched the internet, tried and tested and put together a blogpost of links to 70 very Cool Math Games! Everyone will be able to find a great game to play with their class here! Best thing is they suit different year levels and different math topics. My Greedy Pig (chance and probability) is included. 

Click here to be taken straight to the blog post!


Jumping Jelly Beans! Math Activities for Kindergarten!

One of my favourite holidays is nearly upon us! Easter! Easter symbolises the end of Lent and that I can eat chocolate again, so that always makes me happy! Especially when there is Cadbury chocolate around. Which holiday is your favourite?

I have been working on this Jumping Jelly Beans pack for what seems like ages! It wasn't because it is big or hard or anything, just I would start/keep working on it, then somehow get distracted! With Easter on it's way, and I know in some countries Jelly Beans are a symbol of Easter, I thought I better get it done!

In this pack I have tried to include variety as well as enough activities to keep you working on Jelly Bean Maths for at least a week! There are Number and Counting activities, Patterns, Shape activities, Measurement and Data collection. All activities are perfect for Kindergarten but could be used in Pre-K and 1st Grade depending on the needs of your class.

Here is a little sneak peak...

You can download it here


The 5 L's of Listening and Learning...

Have you heard about the 5L's? Its a simple way to teach children how to be a good listener. All they need is the 5L's!

Their ears are listening
Their eyes are looking
Their lips are together
Their hands are in their lap
Their legs are crossed

A teacher at school asked me to whip up a set of these posters for her classroom. So... an hour later, I loved them and wanted to share them with you all! Best of all, I have listed them for Free!

You can download it here.


Vowel or Consonant?

I hope everyone's week is going well! It has started to cool down here and Autumn will start to show it's full colours soon! 
I know I am a Math's blog, but occasionally I feel motivated to create something that isn't Maths related. I was was talking to some teachers at my school who needed their Grade 2 class to know the difference between a vowel and consonant when discussing spelling patterns. I put this little set of posters together for them and wanted to share with you all! 

Firstly I created a definition sheet for "What is a vowel" then an individual sheet for each vowel sound. I know how confused children get when we start talking about how "y" can make vowel sounds so I included one for y too! This is the display they created in the classroom. 

For the consonants, I worked on the same principle. however, since there are so many consonants I put multiples on the same sheet. The idea being, that if you wanted, you could laminate whole sheet as above, or cut out the letters individually and sit around the definitions. 

Aren't the clipart letters adorable? My brother drew them for me, he is very talented! Here is the
link if you want them for your products too!

You can download the Vowels and Consonants pack here


Number Flip Books

How has your week been loyal followers? Where in the world are you reading this post from? 

Children in Australia are working through their first term of the year at the moment... For Kindergarten/Foundation children, they are learning their numbers and developing their ability to represent numbers as pictures, words and digits. 

As I've discussed before in my post about Number Detectives, when we investigate number, we look closely at each number (0 to 10) one at a time, a week on each. This means we have plenty of time to learn about each number, begin to introduce children to addition and integrate number with many other aspects of beginning number like one to one correspondence (cardinality), shape, pattern and measurement. 

One of the activities we complete each week is our Number Flip Books. Firstly, we do rainbow writing on the number, practising writing it over and over again. Then we make our little flip book and stick the top part in our Maths Book. Underneath each flap we write, draw, stamp or stick that number of things.  We change it up each week so we aren't doing the same thing... 

Here is an example for number 4!

Think you like this idea? Luckily, I have put together a pack for you to simply print and photocopy for each student in your class each week! 

You can download your copy here!

If you are a Kindergarten/Foundation teacher looking for some more number activities you might also like my One to One Correspondence/Cardinality set - lots of hands on activities to help children develop their understanding of number! 

Click here to download. 


Loved that Lesson - Length!

I'm linking up with Meg at The Teacher Studio for another Loved that Lesson! 

Regular followers of my blog will know that I am on maternity leave so I am doing a lot of reflective blog posts on lessons I taught and didn't have time to blog about at the time! Today I am going back over a year to when I taught Grade 3 and 4 for our Mintie and One Metre Challenge as part of our length investigation. 

The first part of our lesson was the Mintie challenge. Mintie's are lolly/candy we have in Australia and anyone in Australia will know what I am talking about! BUT I don't like Mintie's so we used Fantales (same principle, same packaging etc). Our first job was to eat the Fantale, not a hard request at all, then to tear up the wrapper into as long a piece of wrapper as they could without it breaking. Some children rushed this and their wrapper either tore or was not very long, those who took their time were rewarded with a huge wrapper. Like this one below! Then we measured them. This was the winner. 

 Next we introduced children to the One Metre Challenge. The challenge is that children have to create a 1metre continuous line on a piece of A4 paper. They need to measure as they go and add up as they go - it is really quite tricky, especially if you set them the challenge of only being able to use a length once or they cannot use whole numbers! This task can be as easy or as tricky as you want to make it! Here are some great examples. Some children may measure in cm and some in mm for an extra challenge.

You can download a copy of the 1 Metre Challenge here (I have both meter and metre sheets listed) from google docs.

Head on over to Meg's blog for more!


Are you ready to be a Number Detective?

How do you teach Numbers to 10? Do you do it all together or separate each number out, spending a week concentrating on each? We started our school year teaching the children all Numbers to 10, concentrating on subitizing and recognising numbers. However, we found that many children knew how to count to 10, could recognise and write the numbers, but when looking at collections of objects, they aways counted by 1's, not being able to recognise collections of objects.

So we altered, as any teacher often has to. We spent a week investigating each number as part of Number Detectives. Every Monday we would brainstorm the letter of the week as well as the number of the week. Our brainstorm would look something like below. We had basic pictures and words with some incidental teaching of clock times and odds and evens. There is always a couple of kids in every class who are avid mathematicians and want to be just like their big brothers and sisters. They love the introduction of harder concepts like time. Children would also relate the number to the something in their life - like "Sam has 4 pet fish" and we would write a few of these up.

During the remainder of the week, children brought in things from home about that number, completed a Number Flip Book and Number Detectives worksheet (see below), learnt simple addition about that number, did craft activities, integrated shape and pattern into activities and learn to recognise that number straight away (subitizing). By the end of the week, they are Number experts AND through integration, we have been able to cover many of the other maths concepts they need to know in the first term! The next week, we would work on the next number and repeat the process - nothing like setting up routines in the first few weeks of school! 

I've put together this pack that contains everything you will need to create the brainstorm in your classroom for Numbers 1 to 10 as well as the worksheet above. It does require a little bit of laminating, but they are resources that are used over and over again each week! 

Click here to download your own copy of this Bulletin Board pack. 


Five for Friday

It's been a while since I have linked up with Five for Friday, but I made myself the goal to do it this week. Not being at school everyday, I have struggled to think of things to post (it was always easy when you did so many exciting things in your classroom), but the truth is, I have done much more than 5 things this week so it should be easy!

R arrived home one day this week with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me! Very special to get impromptu presents! I love this florist, she uses lots of native Australian plants in her arrangement. You can follow Emily Bloom on Facebook here and see how creative she is!

Finally we are getting some strawberries on our bushes. They didn't seem to like the heat of December and January and decided February/March was right for them this year. There is nothing like the sweetness of a fresh strawberry!

R has been playing around with some photos in the vineyard. I love this shot! The grapes are looking fantastic this year and have now all been harvested and are sitting fermenting away. 

Baby clothes have been washed and dried ready for the arrival! We also had our carpets cleaned and I have most cleaning jobs ticked off my list for before the baby arrives. I even got around to packing my hospital bag!

I haven't got a photo for this one, but I am super excited for it! While lying there one night this week I came up with a great idea for a new Maths Resource for Grade 3 and 4 teachers. Hopefully I can get a fair bit down this weekend and share it with you soon! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Check out the link below to see more Five for Fridays!


March Currently!

March Currently! Wow! When did that happen! March is a special month - it's the month when my least favourite season is over (not a fan of hot Summers) and my favourite, autumn is about to start (when it doesn't get confused with all the hot weather). But this year it is especially special because it's the month we get to meet our baby boy or girl! Not long to go now!

Listening - I am enjoying the quiet time, I don't even have to have the fans or air conditioner on and the dog is outside so it is nice and peaceful!

Loving - as above! Exciting times.

Thinking - since I am not a fan of hot weather, I am loving that the last few days have been cooler. Now if it could only rain to settle the dust!

Wanting - I WANT a big comfy chair - I do NOT NEED one nor do I have the space for one - but how amazing would it be to sit in one of these?

Needing - I probably should get my hospital bag packed, although I live so close to the hospital that it wouldn't really matter either way... but I guess I should be organised!

Spring Break Plans - well obviously it is Autumn in Australia and I am on maternity leave anyway, so my main goal everyday at the moment is to get something else cleaned out and then spend the day relaxing (which has meant watching Ace of Cakes from Season 1 right through!).

Head on over to Farley's blog for more Currently's!
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