Teaching 10+ Maths Concepts in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day!

Are you starting a new school year and wondering how you want to teach Maths? Or are you partway through a school year and have noticed that your class are struggling with so many little everyday Maths concepts? This post is about a concept I call Morning Maths and it's a simple way to cover many Maths concepts as part of your morning routine.

My day begins with children independently reading and changing their home readers for the night. This encourages parents to stay and be involved, helping me get around to hear as many children read as possible. After we have read and changed our home readers, we sit in front of our Morning Maths board ready.

Morning Maths is as it suggests done every morning. The routine and order is the same everyday ensuring the children are practising the fundamental maths skills they need in order to get through everyday life! The routine is fast, purposeful and engaging. Children call out answers and you move on. When implementing Morning Maths successfully, my Grade 1 class knew how to tell the time to the minute by the end of the year, could read calendars, add up money, identify numbers and develop their basic skills. Isn't this what every teachers would want?

This includes:
Calendar discussion
Days at School
Place Value
Number Line study
Skip Counting
Ordinal Number
Problem Solving Stories
Odds and Evens
Clock Times

Here is an example of my Morning Maths board when teaching Grade 2.

My Prep/Kindergarten Morning Maths board (ignore the Santa it was Christmas time when I took this photo - also my word wall is down the bottom left). 

As you can see you don't need much, basically a calendar and a few other posters. 

I’m passionate about Morning Maths and have seen the changes it can make to the confidence children approach maths lessons with. I strongly suggest you try it yourself! I will admit, it takes perseverance and patience, but it is worth it in the end! Very soon the children gain confidence and it is very easy to implement it. I have used it successfully in Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3!

You can find more information here. 

Unfortunately I am not able to show you a video of me using Morning Maths in my classroom anymore - however, I am able to supply you with the script I use. Please click here to download it (google docs). 

Please ask any questions you may have - I am happy to help implement it in your classroom too!

Here are some of my products that might help you implement Morning Maths in your classroom.



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