Teachers Pay Teachers Sale Time!

It's Sale Time again on Teachers Pay Teachers! It's a ONE DAY ONLY sale so you need to set aside Wednesday now (US EST) so you can pick yourself up a bargain! For those teachers in Australia, it will start our Wednesday afternoon at 4pm and go through to Thursday (officially 4pm but usually they keep it going until it is midnight in Hawaii). The code this time is HEROES and don't be like me and do all this shopping and forget to put the code in! Oops!

One of the biggest ways you can save at sale time is to buy in bundles. They are already discounted anyway, then you can get a further 28% discount off! Here are a few of mine you might be interested in, click on the picture to be taken to the file...

Australian Foundation Teachers, this is the perfect pack for you if you are needing some more ideas for teaching One to One Correspondence. All activities are perfect for Maths Centres.

Grade 2 to 4 teachers might be interested in this Place Value pack full of games, activities and worksheets for teaching Place Value. This product is my best seller!

My cart is full of clipart (since I don't have a class at the moment) and ready to go. Here are some I can't wait to get...

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