Measuring For Beginners

Aren't there always some topics of Maths that children just love getting in there and doing it? They love the hands-on activities, the trial and error, the discussion and are then left wondering at the end of the day "When did we do Maths today?". That's how my class were with Measurement activities. This is one we loved!

At the start of the lesson, each child found something in the room to bring down to the floor. I didn't tell them whether I wanted it to be big or small but generally all selected something that was small and in easy reach.

I introduced the words "heavy and light" and children used heaving to check which was heavier out of two objects.

Then we used balance scales to compare items to see what happens when something is heavier/lighter than something else.

Then we made some balance scales and compared items to ourselves. In our book we did one page with "lighter" and one page with "heavier". The children had a wonderful time thinking of things that were heavier and lighter than them - elephants, parents, house and aeroplanes were just a few!

You can download everything to create these great balance scales in my pack "A Measuring Activity For Beginners". Also included are some worksheets if you don't have time to do some cutting and pasting to make balance scales.

We had a great time using this pack and I am sure you will too!

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  1. This is so cute! I love this hands-on activity and that you followed it up with real-life connections. Thank you for sharing!


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