Ice-Cream Shapes with a Freebie or Two!

Another week has arrived! In Australia it is a hot, muggy Monday morning and teachers are preparing for a new week. It may be the third month of Summer, but it feels like only now Summer has arrived! AND Summer means Ice-Cream!

My class made this cute Ice-Cream Shapes.

Firstly, we coloured in the shapes, then cut out the shapes and shape names and stuck the correct name on the shape. Then we put together our Ice-Creams on the table and stuck them onto a piece of paper. It made such a cute display!

Here is a FREE copy of the outlines I used in my classroom if you want to make some Ice-Cream Shapes in your classroom too!

And for teachers of older children, have you downloaded my newly revised Place Value Boards FREEBIE? I have a class set of these printed and laminated and use them constantly when modelling Place Value, Addition and Subtraction (especially trading). 

Click here to download.

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Love thinking about summer when I have been so cold for the last 2 months! Thanks for the great freebies!

    The Math Maniac


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