Place Value Sliders!

Towards the end of the year, we went back to explore Place Value in greater detail. The children were confidently counting past 10 and could recognise most numbers, but they often confuse the tens place and ones place when writing numbers. I was seeing a lot of 31 instead of 13! This is where my place value sliders have come in very handy.

I made a slider for each child so we could make numbers. I simply printed on coloured paper, laminated and cut between. It was time consuming but nothing that couldn't be done while watching TV!

Children sat with a partner. The partner said a number and the other child had to make that number by sliding the numbers up and down. The partner then checked to see if it's correct or not. We used it as a warm up activity on and off for 2 weeks, until I was confident the children knew how to make and recognise 2 digit numbers.

These are great manipulative to keep in your collection. You can make your own Place Value sliders using this pack!

You can make both the 2-digit and 3-digit slider.

You can download your own copy here.


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