How Pinteresting....

How much has teaching changed since we all discovered Pinterest? Where were you when you first started on Pinterest? I remember exactly where I was - Chico, California back in 2009 and my cousin's wife sent me an invite. As someone who constantly saved pictures I found online and then put them into folders on my computer, I was so excited to organise all of this online.

Over the last 5 years, I have increased the number of boards I have, pinned like crazy and made a real mess of things. That's where yesterday came in - I actually got everything organised - How Pinteresting!

I was very excited to finally get around to adding covers to my boards (I know, I don't move overly fast at times...). Thanks to Classroom Chit Chat for the background papers and borders and Miss Galvin Learns for the font!

Here are some of my favourite boards and favourite pins...

This one is a collaborative board with all my favourite Aussie bloggers! There are some amazing products here! If you are an Aussie blogger and want to be added, please email me at

I'm not sure how I ever survived without wasting time on Pinterest!


  1. I actually had this conversation last night with a friend:
    "What if something happened to Pinterest? Like, it disappeared?"
    Cue terrified silence from both of us. :)
    Turns out you can back your boards up as PDFs just in case!!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. Oh my! What would we do if that happened! I had no idea you could back up your boards, I'll have to look into it! Thanks!


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