Five for Friday!

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! It's been a busy week catching up on things at home - school is back this Wednesday!

Not sure if I shared this picture with you, but this is what our back room looked like after I moved out of my classroom. I now have a before and after picture! 
AFTER.... just need to get some more of the baby furniture and we are all set for the baby to arrive! 
This is where all my school things now live. It took quite a while of going through stuff, sorting and throwing out, but I am glad I did it when I did! 10 years of teaching things condensed! (I know, I know, I still have lots of stuff - I change year levels too often!)

When I was cleaning up, I came across these books that we made at the start of last year! Class books were a great way to start the year and the children love the thought of them making a book! You can download these templates from Stef at Miss Galvin Learns. 

I told myself I wasn't doing anything baby until the room was cleaned up, so it was nice to be able to wash some baby blankets and sheets at the end of this week. Baby clothes and nappies can be in the next load I do!

Lexi has been happy to be at home again this week - keeping me company. She is NOT enjoying the heat though! Sleeping all day and playing at night!

Don't forget to download my Australia Day Freebie for this week. 

AND enter my Back to School Giveaway - there are some great prizes on offer!

Check out the link below to see more Five for Fridays!


BTS Bounty Giveaway and Freebies!

The weather has started to heat up again (we were lucky to have a cool change for a while), I am progressively becoming larger and more uncomfortable (32 weeks today) and school will start again next week! I know many Australian teachers would be hoping there was a couple more weeks to go in the holidays (they are never long enough are they) but alas, not!
Instead of suffering the BTS blues, some of my friends and I have decided to cheer you up with a giveaway!

My friends and I have teamed up to give you a chance to win 2 fabulous prizes!

All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below! There will be one winner for Numeracy and one for ELA. Winners will be chosen on Sunday (Australian time). 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And because we love our followers, I am also giving away a $10 TpT voucher to say thanks for visiting my page. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

AND here is a Back to School Maths freebie for you too! Click on the image to download, full instructions and worksheet included. 

P.S. Don't forget to download your copy of the Australian Back to School Ebook while you are on Teachers Pay Teachers!


Back to School Australian Ebook - Free!

It's sad to think that for some Australian teachers it is time to get going and organise the new school year! By the time you put Christmas in there, the summer holidays comes and goes by so quickly!

To help you prepare of the back to school rush and beyond, Julie from Oz-Curriculum together with some generous teacher authors (including me) from Teachers Pay Teachers have got together to bring you a book of hints, free products and new ideas for the new school year.

All are linked to the Australian Curriculum to make it even easier for you!

Click here to download your own copy or head to Oz-Curriculum for more details.

This is the product I contributed.

Don't forget to download my Wave An Australian Flag Freebie to help your class celebrate Australia Day!


Maths Game Monday Throwback

Are you a new follower to my blog? Way back when (in 2013/2014) I started a series called Maths Game Monday! Then somehow or another the remainder of 2014 got away from me and I wasn’t able to post on my blog as often. I thought I would spend a bit of time revisiting some of my Maths Games for newbies and then add in some new games for long term readers! I can’t guarantee you it will be every week, but at least once a month!

Today I am revisiting a simple number game that can be played whole class or in partners. All you need is a whiteboard, whiteboard marker, an eraser and dice.

Draw a path on a whiteboard and add in a few numbers. Children then take it in turns to roll the dice and fill in the gaps, ensuring the numbers are in order from smallest to largest. You could use single digit numbers for lower primary children and 3 and 4 digit numbers for older children.

Click here to download the instructions.

And lastly, click here to see a video I did explaining Number Paths (sorry the quality isn’t that great).


Australia Day Resources and Freebie

Summer in Victoria is definitely showing it's true colours this year - we have had hot weather and the air conditioner on and cold weather, rain and the fire going! It would be nice to be able to predict the weather wouldn't it! Well, not in Southern Australia! I wonder what this week will have in store for us....

Australia Day is nearly upon us for another year! Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January every year. The 26th of January marks the day when the First Fleet first arrived in Port Jackson in 1788. It marks the anniversary of the arrival and proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia. Prior to this, Australia was inhabited by the native indigenous people for over 40,000 years.

Australia Day is a public holiday across the nation. Parades are held in town, new citizens and immigrants take place in citizenship ceremonies all around the country. Families and friends get together at the beach or at home for a BBQ or picnic and enjoy the hot summer’s day.

I have put together a free resource for you where children colour and make an Australian Flag.

If you have some more time, you might also like some of my other Australian resources:




You can download you free copy of Wave an Australian Flag here.


Place Value Sliders!

Towards the end of the year, we went back to explore Place Value in greater detail. The children were confidently counting past 10 and could recognise most numbers, but they often confuse the tens place and ones place when writing numbers. I was seeing a lot of 31 instead of 13! This is where my place value sliders have come in very handy.

I made a slider for each child so we could make numbers. I simply printed on coloured paper, laminated and cut between. It was time consuming but nothing that couldn't be done while watching TV!

Children sat with a partner. The partner said a number and the other child had to make that number by sliding the numbers up and down. The partner then checked to see if it's correct or not. We used it as a warm up activity on and off for 2 weeks, until I was confident the children knew how to make and recognise 2 digit numbers.

These are great manipulative to keep in your collection. You can make your own Place Value sliders using this pack!

You can make both the 2-digit and 3-digit slider.

You can download your own copy here.

10 Steps to Setting Up Your Classroom For the New Year

It is the start of the school year and you have so much to do. You might be a brand new teacher, have changed year levels and classrooms or be looking to arrange your classroom in a different year to last year. You walk into your empty shell of a classroom, the cleaners have been through and piled everything in the corner and you might be wondering just what to do! Don’t be overwhelmed – this is when the fun starts!

Personally, I have either changed schools, grade levels or classrooms every year but one, so after doing this a few times, I finally have a system down pat, that works for me every year! Following this system means I am not spending all day, everyday at school towards the end of the summer vacation and ensures I have a smooth start to every school year.
Step 1. Cleaning
If you are moving classrooms, or staying in the same classroom as last year, it doesn’t hurt to open every cupboard up and see where everything is. You may rearrange the coloured paper to suit your needs, separate the maths and literacy resources (I like to have different areas) or maybe just give the cupboards a quick tidy. It is during this step, I like to look at the bulletin boards and remove any remnant staples or thumb tacks. This is the day I always get dirty from so much cleaning!
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