Oh That Elf Is Up to Shenanigan's Again!

First day of our Summer break and I wake up at 5am, typical! It has been a crazy week packing up the classroom and moving everything home and keeping the kids nice and settled with the impending arrival of Santa but we made it through! Since the dog and I are up I thought I would sit down and catch up on a few things online...

Are you using an Elf on the Shelf in your classroom this year? I was so excited when I purchased the book and Elf back in October and I am so glad I am organised to use it this year! The children LOVE it, are engaged, come to school early everyday and, let's admit, I have been having a bit of fun with in the classroom too!

Here my elf pictures for the week!

Isaac started off the week playing a game with pigeon and bear. 

On Tuesday it was our party day and Issac had punched himself up high in the class, but then feel down! Luckily he flew back up when we were at the park!

Wednesday he photocopied himself. 

On Wednesday we had completed an activity and we wanted Santa's feedback. Luckily Isaac came back with some feedback as well as some letters from Santa on Thursday.

On Friday, Isaac took an "elpie" of himself hiding in the room and put it up on the Smartboard. He wished us a Merry Christmas and said he would pop into our houses to see we were doing the right thing over the next week!


Christmas Time is Coming! Are You Organised?

9 days until Christmas! Wow! Time is flying by fast this December! 5 more days of school for me, I am really looking forward to the break! Lots of things to do of course, so whatever I can do to make my teaching easier at the moment I am all for!

We have been working on this pack the whole of December from Mel at From the Pond. It has been a great way to fill in 10 minutes each day after lunch.

Do you have your week planned yet? If not, here are some great activities you could easily put into your program over a couple of days. This week we are doing some activities from my new "Christmas Roll and Color" pack! Don't worry all Australian/British/Canadian teachers, I have included the spelling "Colour" for each worksheet too! Here are a couple of activities we are doing.

If you love the idea of these activities, you can download this booklet here!

I passed my other new pack along to some Grade 3 teachers and they are going to have a go at some symmetry and pattern activities this week. Here is a sneak peak.

Click here to download your own copy of these worksheets!

Are you still after a parent gift for the children to give and are running out of time? Why not try my Christmas Coupon pack!

Lastly, here is a freebie I made up last year, click on the picture to download!

I hope some of these suggestions make the week before Christmas a little easier on you in the classroom! Have a great week!


Winter Art Idea!

It is hot, hot, hot here in Australia at the moment, but I am wishing it was winter! I love winter, but alas, it's not time for us right now! I have seen some footage of the wild weather that has hit the US. My poor friends and family in California! Hopefully there is some relief soon... It is crazy that we can be so desperate for rain and other parts of the world just want it to stop...

Today I am sharing a winter art project we did earlier in the year (when it was winter for us!).

First we sang "It's raining it's pouring..." then we went outside and had a look at the clouds...

Then we used a cotton ball in paint to paint on the clouds and the puddles.
Then we painted our gumboots. When everything was dry we cut the gumboots and stuck them on!

I love how creative the kids got sticking their gumboots on - some straight on, some walking! They look great hanging up in our classroom too!


Five for Friday!

I haven't blogged in ages! Where has the last few months gone? Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday with the goal of being a better blogger this week! It will be our last week of school for the School Year - 5 more days of teaching Foundation (Prep/Kindergarten), then 6 weeks holidays! I am a little excited!

Our elf Isaac has been causing trouble this week! 

That pigeon just cannot stay out of trouble! The children LOVE the Elf on the Shelf!

I found this cute FREEBIE on Mel's blog Frog Spot. I had some older children for transition during the week and we did it. They loved the idea of giving Santa something. They were so creative! One wrote about giving Santa a rocket called "Santa 3000" to get him around that little bit quicker! Click here to download your own copy! 

As I won't be having a class next year, I looked after the children who were moving to a new school in 2015. I had Kindergarten through to 5th Graders up until lunchtime. I needed to find activities that I could use with all! Luckily I had a trusty collection on my computer!  Here is my newest pack - Christmas Symmetry and Patterns. They were so excited to try this one out! Some 1st Graders had a try as well as 3rd Graders. 

We also did a science activity from my 15 Great Science Experiments for the Elementary Classroom. This one is called Coin Challenge. Kindergarten children through to 3rd Grade had a go at this one! 

I have been spoilt this week with gifts from the children. This is my collection of presents from one family. They remembered me saying how much I love things that start with "ch" - so I got cherries (yummy), chocolates, hot chocolate mix (in place of the champagne) as well as a very cute Christmas decoration. Families are so thoughtful!

Thursday marked my 26 week mark. The baby is definitely sitting towards the back. I am definitely ready for the holidays this year! Exhausted!

Check out the link below to see more Five for Fridays!

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