Who Sank the Boat? Loved That Lesson!

I'm linking up with Meg at The Teacher Studio for Loved that Lesson! This month's was simple - I LOVED a lesson I did a little while ago but haven't had the chance to blog about yet! 

We read "Who Sank the Boat" by the wonderful Pamela Allen and made our own boats using the bottom of a plastic cup. Each table had a shallow container of water, a boat and a bowl of different items classroom items of various weights. 

Children took it in turns adding an item to the boat from the bowl. There was great suspense as to when the boat was going to sink. Some children "threw" the items in, others placed them in more gently. It was a great discussion point for the children. 

Eventually their boat sunk and there was great discussion as to what was it that made the boat sink. Like in the story, sometimes it is the most simplest item (the mouse) that sent the boat into the water. I love connecting Literacy with Maths!



  1. I bet your students LOVED this! Thanks so much for linking up...hope to see you in December!

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