Secret Sight Words!

Today is first day back for Term 4! 11 weeks left of the school year and I send the children up to Grade 1! I can't believe it has gone so fast! 

Before I head back into school, I am going to share with you an activity that my class love (and I love it too because it's so easy)! It is Secret Sight Words by my friend Brooke of Teachable Moments!

First of all it is very simple to use! I just printed the activity cards, cut them out and then laminated them and cut them out again! There are some worksheets children can use too, but we use whiteboards in my class. 

Children use magnetic letters to sound out the pictures and make sight words - and let me say, they love it! When the children see they are working on Secret Sight Words for Alphabet Rotations, they get so excited! Children keep the cards and the magnetic letters on the card until I come around. They tell me the words they have made and then swap with a friend. 

Some groups need more practise at writing, rather than making words, so instead of using magnetic letters, they write them on whiteboards. Some groups do both!

I love this pack and I know you will too!

Click here to download it from Brooke's store!

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