My Holiday Adventures

Today is our last day of our Spring Holidays and they have gone way too fast! Although, life seems to be going way to fast at the moment! This is purely a personal post, I thought you might be interested to see what I have been up to over the last few weeks!

At the end of Term 3, I was absolutely exhausted so we had a couple of days rest along with a quick visit to see my Grandma. She's 91 and I hadn't seen her for a while so wanted to make the trip down. She had also bought a new screen for her computer so I needed to hook that up for her!

Then we headed to my in-laws house to drop off the doggy and for R to check on the vines. He is very excited to make vine this coming March! 2 and a half hours of driving down.

Then we headed off to visit my sister in-law in wheat country, New South Wales. I had never been to visit her and it was definitely time! They are very proud of their wheat crop this year so we had to have a photo in it! They live 45 minutes out of town, so when we got there, we stayed there! 7 hours of driving down!

We were sitting inside and heard the birds going crazy outside. We had already seen a snake (the first for the season) that morning so we hoped there wasn't another one. When we looked outside we saw a very fat goanna! It is always a good sign to have a goanna around, they keep away the snakes. This goanna was a big one too, he can hang around! 

Next, we headed over the Blue Mountains (with a few stops on the way) making our way to my Uncle's house in South Sydney. Another 8 hours down! This is a picture of the 3 sisters!

We took the dog for a walk along the beach in Sydney and saw some duckies with their ducklings. It was very cute! 

Saturday was a very special day! I got to meet some great friends (most for the first time) who I have shared my blogging and TPT journey with right from the start. We headed into Sydney and I got to meet these great ladies! I'm going to blog about this more later as I have heaps to share with you!
Back Row - me, Mel at From the Pond, Stef at Miss Galvin Learns
Front Row - Brooke at Teachable Moments, Emma at Clever Classrooms, Shanyn at Classroom Chit Chat, Tania at Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

It was so wonderful to meet all these ladies, they are just as I imagined them all to be! Teachers are such wonderful people. I can't wait to share a little more of our great weekend with you all. Although I do promise that next time we meet up, I will be flying so I'm not so tired!
The next day we went for a ferry ride - Sydney is a beautiful place, there is just so many people!

 Then we started our journey home. Our first day we travelled 7 hours and stopped at a vine region for the night. We really like visiting All Saints in Rutherglen - they even had a cheese shop at the winery!

Then next morning we had a 2 and half hour drive and we were home! Phew! A total of 27 hours in the car and we saw some great new parts of our great country! The problem with Australia is that it is so big with so many great things to see, just a lot of driving in-between....

P.S. Mel is having a giveaway on her blog at the moment of a $50 TpT voucher - definitely head over and enter!


  1. Oh lordy, I don't miss the long driving! We don't have so far to drive anywhere in Tassie :) I loved meeting you and hanging out, thanks for making the looooong drive to Sydney.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

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