Father's Day - A Little Late...

This is a throwback post! It should have posted this a month ago, but somehow or another the month of September got away from me way too fast! We celebrate Father's Day in September in Australia - I am not sure why it is a different time, but it is! Growing up, we always sent my American Grandfather a Father's Day Card during Australian time since we couldn't ever buy one in June!

We had Bunnings come and create tool boxes with the kids. They loved loved getting to put it all together and use the hammer. Our Grade 5/6 buddies came in very handy with this activity!

The kids also made a canvas of their Dad and themselves. We used markers on the canvas' then coloured in the face using crayons. I painted the background once they were finished. 

We used butchers paper to make wrapping paper. Kids painted a picture of their Dad and his favourite things. The canvas easily fitted inside this wrapping paper!

The we did some Father's Day writing and a Father's Day Card (thanks to Ms Duffy) and put it altogether. The kids were so proud of their gift they had for their father's! The looks on their faces when Dad said he was taking the toolbox to work was priceless!

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  1. Ok, I just tried to leave a comment and it didn't go through so I don't this doesn't end up being a double post!

    I love these! I think that these will be the best gifts that those dads will ever receive! Kudos to you for an awesome project!

    You're blowing me away with all these posts! I can barely keep up now that school has started, but this cold is finally clearing up!



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