Blogger Meet Up!

It's been a week since our Blogger Meet Up and it makes me sad that the day we have looked forward to for so long, has come and gone, but very happy and excited to have meet these lovely ladies in person!

Along my blogging and TpT journey I have meet so many wonderful teachers and the number of Aussie bloggers is increasing all the time! We have a great group of Aussie gals, some of who I have meet before, but there are also some very special ones that I have "known" since the start of my journey.

When I started on my journey (2 and a half years ago), I meet Shanyn first. I remember finding one of her activities (Cupcake Contractions) and then finding out she was Australia and I was excited! I remember sending her ridiculous emails because I was just so excited!
     Classroom Chit Chat

Mel was next, I was starting my TpT journey and wasn't really sure what to do about clipart. I found her store Graphics From The Pond and remember downloading every freebie she had! Then I ventured into the brave world of buying clipart. I think I probably have about 80% of her clipart store on my computer - I love everything she creates!
    Frog Spot Blog

I soon found Brooke from Teachable Moments next, she had been switching around year levels (like we often do in Australia and like I had been doing too). I remember reading her blog posts in awe, I loved looking at her photos and reading what her class had been up to. At the time, I had a VERY boring blog, I think the font was Times New Roman and it was blue and green. Brooke had a bright and colourful blog and I loved it! I remember buying my first template, just so it could be colourful too!

I had always thought Emma from Clever Classrooms was in a total different league to me. She creates amazing resources and I love her style. She was the top seller in Australia at the time and she was like an idol to me I guess - I can't believe we are now friends!
  Clever Classroom

I don't remember who came next out of Tania and Stef. Stef, from Miss Galvin Learns, I loved because she was the first Victorian blogger I came across (she lives in the same state I do) and I could email her with questions about our curriculum and she always had the answers for me! Stef has that natural creativity and eye for detail I would love! Oh to be a fly on the wall in her classroom - she knows her stuff and has such a caring nature. I wonder if she will do that great spider web on her carpet for Halloween again this year?

Tania is amazing! She is a military wife so has moved around a lot. When I first met Tania she lived in Wagga Wagga (I love some Australian names) and she actually knew about the place I was visiting to see my in-laws. Nobody had heard of Hay! Tania and I have taught similar year levels throughout the last few years so have been able to use each other's resources - it's all about sharing! Tania is a hoot! If you are having a bad day, she will turn it around in no time!

Here are some happy snaps from our trip!
On our way to dinner - there just happened to be some fireworks on the way!
We went for a ferry ride the next morning! Sydney is a beautiful place to visit!

Lovely Brooke organised us some Go Noodle bags and lanyards! She even put our blog button on the bottom! I love it! Definitely changing my school keys over to this lanyard today before school starts again tomorrow. My class are going to love it - I get asked so many times a day "Can we play Go Noodle?" Thanks Brooke!
The lovely Mel gave us each a block of chocolate with this cutie wrap around it! The chocolate did not last long! Thanks Mel!

This is a wonderful group of ladies and I can't wait to see them again, maybe even at an Australian wide blogging meet up! Thank you ladies!


  1. Aaaargh! I wish we could go back and relive that weekend! It was soooo much fun, isn't it funny how there was never ANY awkwardness between us, true friendship I call that :)

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. It's so scary to think that our awesome weekend was A WHOLE WEEK ago now, and we're about to head back to school! It was such a fabulous, fabulous time! Can't wait for the next one!

    (And yes, I will definitely be doing my Halloween spiderweb!)

    Miss Galvin Learns

  3. What a fun post, certainly a great group of girls.


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