Bigger, Better and Now Amazing!

Happy Weekend Everyone! Although it is almost finished here in Australia! We have had a hot weekend. It is only Spring, but Summer has decided to come a little early where I live, it is meant to be hot this week too! Not great for this heat rash I have!

I spent today inside, begin productive. I had finished my Schoolwork by lunchtime (that never happens) then spent the rest of the day playing around with one of my favourite resources that I thought of some new things to add!

This is the one!

It is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten (Foundation) classrooms as children are beginning to count to 10 and develop there one-to-one correspondence. Here are some of the new activities I added to the pack! 
Peg the Number of Dots

Add the Counters

Make a Numbers 1 to 10 Book

Matching words, numbers and pictures cut and paste activity

Number Wheels

Draw the Dots!

Roll and Cover

Do you like the look of these activities? There are plenty more in the pack (a total of 140 pages) and they are all suited to center activities, but could easily be replicated for whole class activities. A total of 16 center activities plus resources that require little more than printing and laminating! 

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