September Currently!

It's time for September's Currently! I always aim to get this one linky done every month!

We are getting into this season of The Block! We don't watch it every night, but it's nice to be on in the background!

After having no rain for the whole of August (our last month of winter) we had 11ml today. I was very excited to have an inside lunchtime - that never happens!

I have so many items to finish for Teaches Pay Teachers - I just need my mojo back!

I pulled down a game during inside recess from my storeroom today and ended up with a domino effect of toys falling down! Please cleaning fairies - please visit my storeroom! Maybe I might get to it tomorrow? Or the next day? Or next week? I'll just shut the door!

I have been a hopeless blogger this last few months - so sorry, I will get back to it soon I promise!

I couldn't make a decision about 3 trips - there are so many places I have been and would love to go back, but I do know I want to visit the South Island of New Zealand as well as France, Italy and Switzerland - one day I will get to Europe - I really hope!

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  1. I think the cleaning fairies you are wishing for are on an extended vacay with the lesson planners who never seem to visit me either!

    Your blog is super cute! This is the first year in over 15 years I am not teaching math; I love the focus on literacy, but I do miss all those yummy, crunchy numbers!

  2. Happy to send some rain your way Alison :) You would love Europe!! So much history there. BTW the cleaning fairies are never there when you need them, heehee

  3. Cleaning fairies are on extended break I think. Holidays and where to go is a big question.

  4. If you find those cleaning fairies send them my way I could really use Glad you got some rain, we really need some right now too. France and Italy were on my list as well. I had a tough time picking only 3, my actual list is much much longer. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders

  5. I LOVE the Block!! Totally my favourite. Michael and Carlene are my favourites!!
    I need to visit the south island too - so beautiful!

    Learning to be awesome

  6. I chose Australia, because there is a certain someone that I would like to see! I'm also out of my TpT groove and the first day is tomorrow so I'm not sure how soon I'll get it back!

    Send that cleaning fairy to my place! I told my husband that the next time he wants to get me flowers, he should spring for a maid instead! I do not like cleaning, though does anyone?



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