Developing One to One Correspondence!

Are you about to start a new school year in your Kindergarten classroom? We are currently at Day 114 in Victoria so are really progressing with our maths. However, I remember those first few weeks very clearly. It was full of routine, routine, routine but at the same time we needed to do some reading, letters ID and maths. We started the year with making graphs (simply) and one-to-one correspondence.

We played lots of games, did whole group activities and lots of subitizing and counting. Here are some of the Math Centre activities we did.

And heaps, heaps more!

I included all of my activities in this pack. It is a total of 104 pages and will require some printing and laminating, but can be used over and over again! When we have had Maths free time, these activities have been super easy to pull out and use over and over again. They require very little prep and resources!

You can download it here.

If you add it to your cart and then purchase it on the 20th of August using the promo code BOOST, you can save yourself 28%!

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