Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill....

I realised I never shared this resource with you! I take photos and think to myself, I really must blog about this and then I forget! I need to start writing blog lists!

A few weeks ago, we were learning about the letter "Jj" and we had a great time exploring Jack and Jill. Other than the fact that simply looking at the names Jack and Jill give us lots to talk about with our writing and our spelling, we used so many aspects of this pack by Mel at From the Pond. 

There are posters, sequencing cards, word wall cards, puppet templates, pocket chart retelling set and worksheets to compliment your oral language development!

This was by far our favourite activity! I wanted to put them on the wall as a display but the children begged to take them home with them that might. They loved that Jack and Jill actually could climb the hill! 
Thanks Mel for this great pack! You can download it here!


$2 Maths Literacy Sale - I LOVE the sound of that!

I gave you a little heads up on Monday to check out the sales Blake Education are having at the moment, today I am going to look at the books with a little more detail so you can see if they are perfect for you!

First of all, I have loved Blake Education books for many years, so when they emailed me again to ask if I would check out some more of their texts, I jumped at the chance. 

They are currently having huge sales, with texts only $2 each! That's crazy prices! $2 each book!

This time I was sent 10 books that cover a wide range of maths topics, this set is called "Set 3" and is perfect for Reading Levels 7 to 10. These texts are a small book, perfect size for children to work individually or in partners with. I could also see these text being used as "guided reading" sets (and at $2 each, it definitely doesn't hurt to buy a set of 6!). You could also read them as a whole class under an Elmo or Document Camera. Each book is 12 pages long. 
The image shown below is from the Picture Graphs book. In this text, children are given an introduction to picture graphs, are exposed to many different graphs and asked questions based on the graphs. On the final page, children are asked to add a title, key and tell a story about the graph. 
The image shown below is from the Capacity book. In this text, children read an introduction, then are exposed to both informal and formal units of capacity (litres and millilitres).
This image shown below is from the Mass book. This text is similar to the Capacity book, in that children are exposed to both informal and formal units of mass (grams and kilograms).
I love these books and I will definitely be heading into school tomorrow with a wish list for our Maths Co-ordinator. At only $2 per copy, this is the time to build up some of our resources I think!

Here is the link for you to see what other great bargains they have at the moment!

Some doggy pictures to finish with! Lexi had fun at the farm over the weekend - she is now sleeping. 

This is her playmate Teddy! They have a great time together!


Five for Friday!

It's the end of Term 3, Week 6 and time for Five for Friday (then bed). What a week it has been! Teaching Foundation (Prep/Kindergarten) makes you so tired!

This week I got sent some books from Blake Education to check out. I will blog about them over the weekend, but I am loving that you can get books for only $2! What a bargain!
Click here to find out more details!

On Wednesday we had our Pet Parade! We are looking at domestic and wild animals at the moment and had all the pets in for the morning! There were a lot of dogs, a lot of barking and excited children! This is one of the cuties!

V is for Volcano! We made these beauties today! 

Book Week Fun! The Foundation to Grade 2 teachers dressed up as different Mr Men characters. Many thought it was very fitting that I was Little Miss Chatterbox for some reason!

Our favourite Book Week book was Granny Grommet and Me. It is about a Grandmother who takes her grandchild to the beach with her. The Granny is part of a group called the Grommets who meet at the beach and go surfing. The Grandchild is afraid of what is under the waves. Our favourite part was when they sat in the rock pool, oh so nice and warm!
This is one of our pictures that we draw. This is Alfie's drawing of his favourite thing to do with his poppy. Feed the dogs! 

Head on over to see more Five for Fridays!


Sale Time AGAIN!

Did you know Teachers Pay Teachers have another sale on today?! It's their Back to School Boost Sale so if you forgot to buy something last sale, now is your time!

Just don't forget to use the promo code BOOST (as I have done a few times.... oops)!

Here are some of my new products you might like to check out! Remember everything is 28% off!


Developing One to One Correspondence!

Are you about to start a new school year in your Kindergarten classroom? We are currently at Day 114 in Victoria so are really progressing with our maths. However, I remember those first few weeks very clearly. It was full of routine, routine, routine but at the same time we needed to do some reading, letters ID and maths. We started the year with making graphs (simply) and one-to-one correspondence.

We played lots of games, did whole group activities and lots of subitizing and counting. Here are some of the Math Centre activities we did.

And heaps, heaps more!

I included all of my activities in this pack. It is a total of 104 pages and will require some printing and laminating, but can be used over and over again! When we have had Maths free time, these activities have been super easy to pull out and use over and over again. They require very little prep and resources!

You can download it here.

If you add it to your cart and then purchase it on the 20th of August using the promo code BOOST, you can save yourself 28%!


Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

Have you ever come across the Bright Ideas Blog Hop? I have been checking it out this month and have found some great ideas!

Here are some I loved this month, click on the picture to be taken to the blog:

Using foam on pegs to make them colourful! Thanks to Mrs Poultney's Ponderings
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Ideas for those pencils that just don't stay sharp for long from Miss Galvin Learns
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Great ideas for learning alphabet letters! From the Pond
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Some great tips from Crayonbox Learning
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You can find some more great resources by heading to:

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