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I am a little late linking up with this linky from Teaching Tribune but I want to get on top of things this week! If you haven't checked it out - The Teaching Tribune has a wonderful series of summer blog linkies - It's not summer in Australia but it's holidays so I am linking up!
This week's is all about things that we are thankful for...
Happy Monday/Tuesday everyone!


Math Freebie Monday!

Happy holidays to all those Australian teachers who have finished up for Term 2. For those who have another week - enjoy your last week of term!

Today I have a Math Freebie for you on Monday, instead of a Math Game!

Thanks to Mel at From the Pond for all the clipart.

This past week we did an activity where we rolled the dice twenty times (we did two groups of ten - that was a huge challenge!) and graphed our results. I was so proud of one of my students who figured out that we could need to roll the dice 60 times to fill up the whole graph! We shared a dice mat with our desk partner to keep noise to a minimum!

Download the outline here. 


Free Math Game Monday!

1 more week of school to go until our Winter break - I am excited for the sleep ins!!!

But I have got myself organised with a Math Game Monday for this week. 

Thanks to Mel at From the Pond for all the clipart.

This week's game is a skip counting activity to help children learn about multiplication and times tables. There is an activity sheet included, if you want to use it - but you could just practise skip counting together! Click on it to download!

Have fun!

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Calendar Discovery Updated & Free Sample

It took me a few years of complaining about the fact that my Grade 4 children didn't understand calendars to actually do something about it! Since then I have always taught younger children and I have taught calendars on a daily and monthly basis! Through my Morning Maths I taught calendars as well as completing a monthly task. I used this task as a test to see how the children were progressing in their knowledge.

I recently updated my Calendar Discovery for the coming Northern Hemisphere year - July 2014 to July 2015.

Here are some sneak peaks at the pack....

The best thing about this pack is every year I update it so every year, simply re-download and use the new years version. A calendar task that will automatically change each year for you!

You can download a sample to try out in your classroom for the month of August here.

I'd love to give away 2 copies of my Calendar Discovery pack. Simply leave a comment with your email below for your chance to win. Winners will be randomly chosen and you have until Sunday 5pm (Australian Time)! Good luck.

Competition now closed!


Our First Length Investigation

I am getting so much joy out of teaching younger children at the moment. They absolutely love investigating and moving around the classroom! AND they are just soaking up everything at the moment. Anything I say, it's in there, waiting to tell everyone about! So proud!

We have had our first discussions about measurement over the last few weeks. Each one of my lessons has been a huge hit with the children. 

Over the next few weeks I will share a few - here is my length lesson!

First I gave every child a piece of string. We sat in a circle and decided what order we could line the string up in. We decided shortest to longest.  

Then we used our string to find things in the room that were the same length. 

This was clever! Using blocks to make the length of your string!

We had a lot of discussion about length and how to measure. It might seem like an easy lesson, but we constantly stopped and discussed and were able to make some great connections! After this we stuck our string into our book and drew everything we could find that was the length of the string. 


Tuesday Art Linky

I'm linking up with Mel at From the Pond for her Tuesday Art Linky!

Frog Spot Blog

Last week was O week! We made these cute octopuses! The children loved them so much I wasn't allowed to put them up in the classroom, they had to take them home!

First we coloured in an O with orange crayon. We drew the dots first and then did "shading" in the background. 

Then we cut 8 legs using our crayon as our length - it was interesting to see how children measured their legs!

Then we put it all together! They turned out so great! Much cuter than I was picturing!


Math Game Monday!

Sorry I've been a slack blogger lately - school reports are nearly all proof read and ready for signing and then holidays are on their way! I am starting to get on top of things! 

But I did get a game together for Math Game Monday this week - it is one I played with my class last week. 

Thanks to Mel at From the Pond for all the clipart.

We played using blocks which they loved making the tower. But we did occasionally knock our counters as we reached over to use the spinner. Full instructions are on the worksheet. 

I tried it with counters after school and it was much more successful! 

Simply click here to download the worksheet. 

Have fun!

Tuesday Art Linky

I'm linking up with Mel at From the Pond for her Tuesday Art Linky!

Frog Spot Blog

I realised I never shared our wrapping paper that we made for our Mother's Day Presents!

We were lucky that we had our Grade 5/6 buddies come and help us. We cut up normal bench sponges and made stamps!

The big kids cut the stamps and we stamped them - I loved the paper, it looked so good with the present inside! I only forgot to take a picture of the finished product!


Currently - June already!

Here we go again! I am linking up with the lovely Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for yet another currently!

Listening - Dinner has been made, dishes have been done and now is TV time!

Loving - We had some beautiful rain over the weekend - loved it! Finally we are having some cool weather and some rain!

Thinking - I have a bit of a list of things to do tonight - I wonder how much I can get done! I will be starting soon!

Wanting - We have a long weekend coming up and I get to go home to visit my family! Very excited! Our Puppy Lexi will be too - she loves running around at my parent's house!

Needing - Reports are due next week but I would love to get a few more done! My goal!

Bucket List - Well it's winter..... so I changed it! I still have things I need to get done! Especially that ironing that has been sitting there for a while!


Math Game Monday!

Too fast, too fast! Another week down!
A 5 day week, followed by a 3 day week - I am going to be happy, happy, happy next weekend!

It's time for another Math Game Monday.  

Thanks to Mel at From the Pond for the button, pictures and background each week

This week's game requires only dice and a workbook or whiteboard. You could play this game towards the end of Kindergarten (just use smaller dice) or even in 3rd Grade. Read and see how you can differentiate this activity, simply by changing the dice and number of dice.
Simply click on the picture to download from

Click here if you want to find previous Math Game Mondays activities. 

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