LOVE Packages #2

Here is my 2nd review of the Maths Centres Books, this time Year 3. I was teaching Year 3/4 last school year so this one is not too much of a stretch for me! I actually organised with one of our Year 1/2 teachers who was looking at ideas for extending her children who needed a challenge to try out this activity.
Included are 10 full-colour centres that cover important Maths skills. There are instructions on how to put the centres together, but basically it is rip out (as I said yesterday, I love the ease of taking the pages out), laminate and cut, then put into a pocket folder to keep organised and safe!
Topics included in the Year 3 books are:
-       Number patterns
-       Numbers to thousands
-       Fractions (love this activity!)
-       Multiplication and Division
-       Which operation?
-       Time
-       Length (conversions – love!)
-       Graphs (love)

As with the Foundation level book, I love that this book is again easy on the pocket – no need for photocopying and printing. If you choose to use the follow up worksheets (included), that is the only printing you will do!

Here are some photos of a centre I put together – there are more pages included in the book (such as the answer key) but I decided just to use the student cards.

These activities are perfect for centre activities but also for early finishes. Everything is included, including instructions, so children should simply be able to pick up the folder and use it!

You can purchase your own copy here. Blake Education has some wonderful other resources too – you must check them out!


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