Early Maths Ideas

It's starting to cool down, the rain is falling more often and the leaves will soon start to change colour... autumn is here - yay! I think it is my favourite season - love the colours!

The last 9 weeks have been incredibly busy with teaching a new year level and our upcoming wedding this weekend! I have the week to get myself organised, to my hometown and visit with family before the wedding!

But, before I get into full wedding mode, I thought I would share a few pictures of some maths activities we have done the last few weeks!

Brainstorming each number each week! The importance of a tens frame is discussed each week as well as clock times. After 9 weeks of school, my prep (kindergarten) class are able to tell the time to the hour. 

Practising number formation on a whiteboard - children love it, just means I have to take photos to record what they know!

Using dyed pasta for pattern making. I simply soaked the pasta in coloured water for 10 minutes then dried the pasta out. 

Making numbers and representations with play dough! Any activity with play dough is a winner with my class!

I hope you got a new idea to use with your classroom!


  1. Love all these ideas, Alison! I think I've said it before (and if I haven't, it's totally remiss of me), but you're totally my teaching maths guru! <3

    Good luck with your wedding prep. I know it'll be amazing for you!

    Miss Galvin Learns

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