S week fun!

We have finished another week at school! Last week we only had 2 days, this week 4 days at school so we are getting more and more used to the routines of school. We have started taking home our readers as well as starting our letters. This week we started with learning about "S". We don't tend to teach sounds in Alphabetical order in Australia, rather how easy the sound is to say and how recently the children use the sound!

Here are some of the activities we did!
Writing about why we are a superhero!

Read Smarty Pants and made his pants! We also did some writing about why we are a Smarty Pants!

Made "Snakes". This was a cutting challenge for some!

We made these cute spiders using paper plates and tissue paper!

R and I finished the week with some harvesting of grapes at his parent's property. Notice the puppy enjoying the drippers watering her tummy in the bottom left hand corner! It was hot, so that really was the best place to be! 
 The Shiraz grapes are looking very nice this year!

P.S. Our wine making style is definitely not Duck Dynasty Style - for starters we use "wine" grapes and don't add packets of sugar! (Just for those DD fans!)

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