TpT Sale Time

Teachers Pay Teachers are having a sale to celebrate 3 Million sellers signing up on Teachers Pay Teachers!
Sale button thanks to Mel at From the Pond.

Since starting on Teachers Pay Teachers nearly 2 years ago, it has not only improved my teaching, but I have been able to share my resources with the world! Teachers Pay Teachers has paid for my iPad and parts of my wedding!

I am having a 20% sale off in my store so you can get a total of 28% off all my products! Head on over and check it out. Here are some of the products you might be interested in...

I hope you find some bargains!


Goal for 2014 - Organisation!

It's funny, everyone always says how organised I am, but I never feel it! I would love to have a yearly planner, my planning for the following week all completed by the START of the weekend, be on top of my assessment and feel totally in control. But it never seems to happen! Perhaps it's because I am too busy cooking, planning the wedding, making cards, selling Scentsy, developing activities, playing with the puppy etc. (Time to think about not taking anything else on right now....).

This year I have got a few things to help me stay organised.

First of all I bought this beautiful Erin Conden Teacher Planning - the months are a little out of order for us, but I didn't mind - it is so pretty and nice! Although shipping to Australia was not cheap! Last year I had a few different books I would write in and then do my planning on the computer - I am using this like my rough copy and then will still do my "proper" detailed planning on the computer. It's easier when we have to hand it in.
I also bought the Ultimate TpT and Blog planner from Farrah Shipley. I really needed something like this last year to keep me on track - hopefully it does! I love that I can keep track of my goals and "hopefully" (fingers-crossed) keeps me on target with my blog posts!

What do you use to keep you organised? I am always after a new suggestion!

Blake Education 2014 Catalogue!

AUSTRALIAN TEACHERS - it is time to win again with Blake Education!

Get ready for 2014 with Blake Education’s fantastic Literacy Catalogue. To celebrate Blake Education are giving the first 3 people to request a catalogue an Achievement Standards Assessment: English  book of their choice valued at $49.95.

Blake Education is committed to producing a comprehensive range of high-quality literacy materials, which are stimulating, well-written, with Australian quality reading resources.  Choose from over 1000 titles in over 30 different series that feature stimulating, well-written stories and wonderful illustrations. These books are matched to specific year levels, reading levels and broadband levels to cater to each student’s reading ability.

Best sellers include:
•             Sparklers are high interest, well-written and often quirky stories of real people in unusual situations.  There are thirteen sets in the Sparklers series, ranging from levels 15-32 to Middle Primary. 
•             Go Facts: The 28 Go Facts sets deliver the clear, exciting and easy-to-read nonfiction your students need. The complete Go Facts program includes 144 student books, 4 Big Books, 2 Videos and 28 Teaching Guides.
•             STORYLANDS is aimed at the needs of teachers of students in the first three years of school.
•             Steve Parish range: Blake Education now stock over 150 fiction and non-fiction titles from the Steve Parish range. The picture and story books all feature Australian animals and are ideal take-home readers. Each book will engage young learners and give them an insight into Australia’s unique wildlife and habitat.

For your chance to win simply request a catalogue -

I have some books on the way and I am so excited! LOVE Blake Education! 


Classroom Reveal!

School only started 2 and a half weeks ago, but I am finally getting around to doing my classroom reveal blog post! I was so excited to move into my new classroom. It is a little room, but has everything it needs - storage, an office (my first), storeroom, little room for small group work and a sink! It really is the little things that can make my year!

This is what I started with - a beautiful clean space!

The blue doors are between my room and the room next door - we share an office in the middle! 

Just starting my little obsession with Graphics From the Pond!

I have seats for 20 children, and boy are they little seats in comparison to last year!

These are our behavioural management cards. Again using Graphics From the Pond. They are laminated so children put on a happy point when they do something that makes me happy!

I love my alphabet cards! You can purchase them also with Victorian Cursive or as a cute font!

I also made matching Number Posters! You can also purchase these as Victorian Cursive, NSW Foundation Font or as a General Font!

Reading corner, Word Wall and Maths Wall. Small middle room for group work off on the side. 

I love these bag box labels and book box labels I made using Mel's fonts!

My Daily Schedule displayed on the board using pictures. I have an autistic child who needed this detail, so I just did it for all the children as well!

I hope you like it!


Bringing Mr Men into Maths!

Too long between posts again! Sorry about that - the year has started and time is already flowing by. My class of foundation children have been at school for 10 days now and are starting to get into the routine of things! I promise I will come back and blog again this week and show you my classroom. I have had lots of fun with clipart!

This week, our focus in Maths was on shape. One of the Victorian newspapers is currently running a special promotion on the Mr Men series of books by Roger Hargreaves. We decided to capture this excitement and look at Mr Men characters and shapes.

We started off watching a Mr Happy video on youtube that had the children in stitches!

Then we made different Mr Men characters. We started with Mr Happy, moved onto Mr Grumpy and Mr Rush. A great way to get children using scissors, copying, writing numbers, following instructions and most of all, instilling in the children that Maths is everywhere! (I also bet most of the class now has a Mr Men book at home too!)

We finished the week with this adorable Valentine's Freebie thanks to Mel at From the Pond. We used paint for the first time this year and it was a great success! I really do love watercolour paints!

S week fun!

We have finished another week at school! Last week we only had 2 days, this week 4 days at school so we are getting more and more used to the routines of school. We have started taking home our readers as well as starting our letters. This week we started with learning about "S". We don't tend to teach sounds in Alphabetical order in Australia, rather how easy the sound is to say and how recently the children use the sound!

Here are some of the activities we did!
Writing about why we are a superhero!

Read Smarty Pants and made his pants! We also did some writing about why we are a Smarty Pants!

Made "Snakes". This was a cutting challenge for some!

We made these cute spiders using paper plates and tissue paper!

R and I finished the week with some harvesting of grapes at his parent's property. Notice the puppy enjoying the drippers watering her tummy in the bottom left hand corner! It was hot, so that really was the best place to be! 
 The Shiraz grapes are looking very nice this year!

P.S. Our wine making style is definitely not Duck Dynasty Style - for starters we use "wine" grapes and don't add packets of sugar! (Just for those DD fans!)

An 100 Follower Giveaway!

Do you like entering giveaways? I've got one for you to enter. Head on over to Little Green and enter today - there are two prizes, a K-2 and 3-6 giveaway! I have donated to the 3-6 giveaway, so if you follow me, it's easy to head on over and enter!

Here are the details!


Currently - February

I needed reminding, but I got there this month! I've linked up with Farley for her monthly currently!

Lexi is our Border Collie puppy. We have been out today and she is running around crazy now to make up for it!

Today we found an in-between point and 4 Victorian Bloggers got together for lunch. We had never met each other before but instantly recognised each other and got started on chatting away. A few hours later it was time to go home, and time had flown by! If you get a moment, make sure you check out Paula's Place, Miss Galvin Learns and Books, Bugs and Boxes - some absolutely lovely girls!

I'm thinking where to start in the morning - will I clean, go to the gym or do schoolwork - let's see where I start!

It has been way too hot where I live, around 40 to 43 degrees Celsius (between 107 and 110 Fahrenheit) and it is way too hot for me! I can't wait for it to cool down!

I am needing some new clothes for school, especially some nice shorts or 3/4 pants - I just can't find any I like - the shops are bringing in winter clothes already!

YES - I am getting married in two months - very exciting!

YES - I live in a border town so I drive over the river to New South Wales to go to the gym - it feels kinda funny! I always though New South Wales was so far away living down south growing up!

NO - As you may have guessed above, I hate hot weather - bring on winter I say!

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