My Blake Education Wishlist....

Tuesday, Tuesday - a busy day today! Have I shared with you I am teaching Foundation (Prep/Kindergarten) next year? Well I am for the first time since 2007! Luckily I have had a few years in Grades 1/2 so while the jump from Grade 3/4 will be a big one, it won't be as huge as it could be! Today was our second transition day - we read some stories, played some games, went outside and had fun with the big kids at school!

Anyway, I am writing this post for two reasons. Reason 1 - to announce the winner of the Blake Education HUGE Giveaway, and reason 2 - to share what is on my Blake Education wish list now I know where I will be teaching!

The winner of this giveaway was Liz from Tasmania - congratulations Liz!

Now onto my wish list....
Since I am teaching Prep next year I really want these Bev Dunbar books! They are $20 each! Very excited!
I also need this one! I wanted to win it myself!
These integrated studies books look great for next year too!

P.S. Thanks for all the bloggy love over my computer - unfortunately I have lost everything, but it is a good lesson to back everything up!


Maths Game Monday Revisited

Hi all,

It is the start of another week - unfortunately, towards the end of last week my laptop crashed and I lost all my files (at this stage). The technician at school will need a couple of days to look at it and see if it is fixable, as well as trying to save my files. If you are reading this right now - go and back up your files right NOW!!! You never know what might happen to your computer!

As I have spent all weekend buying a new computer, loading programs onto it, rewriting my planner for this week and rewriting my report cards that I lost, I don't have a new Maths Game Monday for you today, instead, I decided to revisit a post from earlier in the early!

This past week, we have been playing paddocks as our warm up to our Area and Perimeter lessons. The children have loved it! We gave them a whole sheet of dots to work on and it certainly kept them busy - we played about 10 mins a day with the same partner for the week. If you missed this post, you can download it by clicking on the photo and following the link!
For all you loyal readers, I promise I will have my computer sorted and will have a new game for you next week!

Have a great week!


Down Under Blog Hop!

You've reached the Christmas Down Under Blog Hop with some of my blogging buddies. Welcome if you are a new follower!
I am the 6th Stop! If you want to head back to the start to get yourself some great Christmas then head on over to Land of Little Learners and start!
Here is my freebie for you. We are about to start our unit on poetry leading into Christmas - it is going to be fun! (You will just have to ignore that this is a maths blog and I am giving you a literacy resource!) You will get 30 topic cards plus two worksheets to use to help your children write a Christmas Cinquain Poem!
We would love some bloggy love and comments as you hop through each blog! Don't forget to follow us all as you go!
Now head on over to Miss Galvin Learns for your next stop and add another great freebie to your sack!

P.S. My Christmas Coupons - no cost gifts has had a facelift! Add it to your wish list now! You know it will come in very handy in a few weeks!

Summarise in 25 words!

Happy weekend everyone! Just a quick post to share a great activity we did this week.

We read this gorgeous book from our school Library called The Watcher. It was based on the true story of Jane Goodall and her life with the Chimps. It is written in such a beautiful way. I will definitely be looking out for more books by Jeanette Winter.

Even if it has nothing to do with your current theme or inquiry, I strongly suggest you find a copy and read it with the class. Our current Reading Comprehension topic is Summarising, so we summarised this book in 25 words. Wow! I thought it might be a bit tricky for the children, but so many finished it! Here are some examples!
1. Jane
2. chimpanzee
3. boat
4. David Greybeard
5. trees
6. jungle
7. Gombe
8. Kenya
9. Africa
10. Malaria
11. tent
12. watching
13. notes
14. Professor
15. assistants
16. speeches
17. protesting
18. studying
19. tantrum
20. tools
21. termites
22. quiet
23. sad
24. 1960
25. hills

How easy was that!

If you like this idea, I have made up a quick worksheet for you to use with your class. Two pages per page to save on printing and make sure you print the correct page "summarise" or "summarize"


Blake Education is Having a SALE!

All Australian Teachers would have heard of Blake Education. Whether you know it or not, I am sure you have used a book published by Blake Education. By far my favourite is Targeting Maths. Not only does my school have the Targeting Maths books, but I also have the apps on my iPad. My last school LOVED the computer programs and we used it constantly in the classroom.

Well….. I am very excited to announce that Blake Education is giving all Australian readers of my blog  a chance to win a TARGETING MATHS BLM pack worth $178.50 in celebrations of their end of year sales. I really want to win this, alas…..

The Targeting Maths Series is a comprehensive resource for Primary Schools. It has been designed to provide busy teachers with all the additional material they need when teaching mathematics. All aspects of the primary mathematics curriculum are covered in this twelve book series.

As Blake Education is an Australian company, this giveaway is only for Australian residents. If you enter this give-away and do not live in Australia, a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So you have entered my giveaway, but you want to know more about Blake Education?

I went into their
section and found some books that I have wanted my own copy for ages! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bev Dunbar books. Two of schools I have worked in have had copies but I have wanted my own for a long time! I will be heading to the sales to buy them - they are only $20!!!! There are 10 books so I will have to be quick! Fingers crossed I am teaching early primary next year so I can use them straight away!

If you miss out on the giveaway, you can also buy all of the Targeting Maths books in the sales for $14.95 off. Well all love a bargain! Of course there are English books, Science and Integrated Studies books for sale too!

After you have filled up your shopping cart in the crazy sales section, then you can head to the
and pick up some great bargains with guided reading sets, home readers and novels! I am very tempted by some of the Big Books - especially the Targeting Maths Big Books!

These books are all part of Blake Education's end of year sales! Save up to 65% on Best-selling Literacy Readers such as Gigglers and Go Facts as well as quality Arts, English, Maths and Science Teacher Resources. Visit for literacy or visit for teacher resources.

You can also follow Blake Education on Facebook for all the latest news!


It's That Time Again! Math Game Monday

This is a simple game that was shown to us by Andrea Hillbrick, and can be used at any year level! It is simply a counting game. I used it last week in my class - it was amazing how confident the children became with they counting skills across the week (we played it everyday) and by the end of the week, the children were making up the numbers and choosing what to do to each number!

Click on the instruction sheet to download.

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

All previous Math Game Monday's are available on the Math Game Monday Page. 

Enjoy and have a great week!

A BIG book of Math-tivities!

I am super excited about this blog post today. I was contacted and asked to review "The Crawfords' BIG Book of Math-tivities" by Brian and Yvonne Crawford and I jumped at the chance!

Firstly, this really is a BIG book of Math-tivities. It is 178 pages of fun activities for children aged K to 2nd Grade!

The best thing about his book, is that everything is printable and ready to go and won't require any preparation from you other than some laminating if you want to keep the task cards to use over and over again (and I know you will!).

Math-tivities include:

  • Mathbooking - a new combination of math journals and scrapbooking
  • Math Glphs - students answer math questions to create a personal work of art
  • Math and Tell - combines storytelling with math word problems
  • Math Games and Puzzles - brand-new math games to entertain students while they learn
  • Taking Math Outside - use the great outdoors as your new location for math class
  • Holiday Math - use special seasons of the year for showcasing math instruction

Here are some pictures of my favourite activities:
These questions are from the Mathbooking section. I can see myself using these as warm ups with the children on the Interaction Whiteboard as a whole class. OR laminating them and using them in math centres. OR using them for fast finishers!
These Math Libs are very fun. Children solve the questions, read the sentence and fill in the correct word based on their math answer. A great way to combine reading with math!
As math teachers, we love any reason to head outside, so these ideas are great! Activities can easily be differentiated too!
Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know how much I LOVE putting questions around the classroom and sending children off on a hunt to find the questions and figure out the answers. They love getting up and about! I would use these questions in exactly the same way, laminate and put around the classroom for children to go on a scavenger hunt!

As you can see on the pictures, the Common Core standard is included, along with all the information. But don't let that discourage Non-USA users, anyone can use it! Full, very comprehensive instructions are included in the booklet - with each activity explained thoroughly so teachers are able to optimise the learning of their class.

My only wish - that there was one that covered 2nd to 4th Grade! Perhaps that is still coming….

I know you are going to know more about this great resources, you can check out their website here. You can purchase your own copy of The Crawfords' BIG Book of Math-tivities here - both digital and hard copy (I do love book books!). You can also download your FREE SAMPLE! It will also be available on TpT and Amazon soon.


Five for Friday!

After such an exciting week at school, I have to link up with Doodle Bugs Teacher for another Five for Friday.

1. We started Maths this week with one of my favourite topics – Length! All Australian’s would know the “mintie challenge” where you get a “Mintie” wrapper and tear it to see who can get the longest. Neither my teaching partner nor I like minties, so we did the same activity with fantales. After that we had the children draw a 1m line on a piece of paper – it was very interested to see those kids who worked it all out (10 x 10cm lines) and those who just went with random lines!

2. As Monday was Remembrance Day we made Flander’s Field poppies using crepe paper and pipe cleaners.

3. We did some great other activities for length this week and both can be found in this great booklet by Mrs Poultney’s Ponderings.
In this one, children had to record the length of different pictures. We made it a bit trickier though and they had to measure it in millimetres, centimetres and metres.

The second activity we did was children had to draw different pictures to a certain scale based on the instructions on the sheet. Children would draw the picture, then I could measure it before they got a new one – I was very strict! As my teaching partner was off doing On Demand Testing at the time with some of his kids, I had a big class and they loved it!

4. Every class I have had have never seen the Pigeon stories and I have been the first to introduce them to them. I got a new book recently, but we hadn’t read it yet. I used the instructions on Pigeon Presents and added measurements to the different body parts. Children were sitting on the floor and had to draw “a circle with a diameter of 2cm” etc. After the head and neck were drawn, they all figured out it was the pigeon and were so excited! It was a great activity. Then we celebrated with reading the new pigeon story I had.

5. For Fun Writing Friday this week, I put some items on a table in the middle of the room, children had to choose something and have that item feature somewhere in their story. It could be a minor or major event in their story. It was so interesting to see what the children had written!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


"All New" Giveaway

With the busyness of school at the moment, I have been working on fixing up some of my old booklets - I buy a different clipart set and I want to change things! Anyway, I have about 20 booklets on the go at the moment and I was hoping to have an "All New" booklet to show you today to go with this great giveaway I am part of. The Teacher Studio is having a huge giveaway and yes, you read her button correctly, you could win $600 worth of prizes!

So head on over!


Maths Game Monday

It's Monday again! I am always jealous of those still on Sunday - but I do love it when it is Friday in Australia…. 

Today I have a Maths Game for you that is for Grades 4 to 6. I know teaching from teaching older children that sometimes it can be tricky to find a good game - so here is one for practicing decimals. It is called 500 Decimals because children are adding to reach 500. 

Click on the instruction sheet to download.

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

All previous Math Game Monday's are available on the Math Game Monday Page. 

Enjoy and have a great week!

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