Scentsy Time!

What's something that teachers love because it makes their room smell really nice (and covers all that yucky kid smell?) - it't Scentsy! This is totally a non teaching post but every teacher needs to have another hobby, right?

I got hooked on Scentsy when I taught in the USA so when I heard it was coming to Australia, I just HAD to sign up - I mean I had waited 5 years and everything!

I have been so so so excited at it all and I just had to share some pictures!

When my first box arrived!

My starter kit!

My next order arrives!!

Mmmmmm I love the Etched Core Warmer with Wrap!

I am still trying to decide which one I want for my classroom - a green and blue would go really well this year, but I am thinking of a different theme next year so I don't know! I definitely know I will be warmer some Two Harbors and Black Raspberry Vanilla! LOVE

If you are Australian and you like the sound of Scentsy - please visit my website or facebook page. You can simply order something special for yourself or a friend (Christmas is coming) on the website or if you are interested in hosting an online party and collecting some hostess rewards, that can be arranged also!

Happy Warming!

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  1. mmmm...I've got the Black Raspberry Vanilla burning now. Love Scentsy!!


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