Math Game Monday - Odds/Evens and Numbers to 1000!

I mentioned last week that I attended a Professional Development session last Monday with Maths guru Andrea Hillbrick. My teaching partner and I have currently been using games as a warm up to each Maths lesson we teach. Every week, we would plan 5 different warm up games (all mental computation) to add variety. After listening to Andrea and taking on her suggestion of one game a week - we are going to try it out this week. This is our plan:
Day 1: Teach the game (if unknown) and children play
Day 2: Children play (competition element will motivate children)
Day 3: Discuss the maths involved (so children are thinking while playing)
Day 4: Make an alteration to the game
Day 5: Make another alternation to the game to make it harder.

After reflecting on this, I was so glad that I have been putting together a big collection of Maths Games this year, not only to share with you all, but also for my own benefit. I forget games so easily! Now I have a ready bank of games to go back though, change the game, and build the mental computation skills of my students. This week, we are going to work on developing our Times Tables skills.

Right now, I have so many different games going around in my mind for you this week - but I am going to share an oldy, by goody that takes little preparation 

Click on the instruction sheet to download.

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

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  1. I have begun using math centers for quick finishers and I have seen a huge improvement in my kids skills. AND for once they don't hate working. I get boos when I tell them to clean up...... Its awesome! Thanks for all your great ideas.

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