An Early Bushfire Season

Bushfires, or wildfires, are a big part of the Australian life, unfortunately, and our bushfire season has started early this year. With so much devastation already, when it is not summer yet, it is scary to think about what might be around the corner.

When we have bushfires, the wildlife really suffer. With their habitat destroyed - they often have nowhere to go, no food and nothing to drink. Those that are lucky enough not to get burnt or injured are still at risk. There are news reports asking residents to put out a container of water for wildlife if you live in a bushfire zone.

Mel at From the Pond has draw a cute koala clipart set where 100% of the profits made from the sale of the set will be sent to a non-profit organisation caring for injured Australian Wildlife. You can visit her blog to find out more details.
I am proud to say I have purchased the set and I hope you do to! For $4 you can help - it is only spring, we have a long hot summer still to come...

Click on the button to be taken straight to the file.


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  3. As an Aussie too, I also worry about the effects of the fires on our native animals. Thanks for helping raise awareness in such a positive way. I too have purchased the gorgeous Koalas and am happy to help out in any way I can. Happy creating.

    1. Thanks so much Joanne - I am so glad others are purchasing also!


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