Making 3D Shapes

We are jumping around a little with our Maths at the moment - some Fractions and Decimals, a bit of Shape and some Data Collections.

When we did our pre-test on 3D Shape we were surprised with what the children couldn't remember! So we went back to the start. We read "The Greedy Triangle" and made a poster about 2D Shape features, then we moved onto 3D Shapes. Children were having difficulties describing the difference between pyramids and prisms, so we decided to make some shapes!

I made up a batch of Play Doh and found some match sticks and were were all set! Check out the cool 3D Shapes the children made!

You will notice we took photos of the kids shapes with their name tags next to them. This was so then we knew who's was who's! Children then inserted the picture into a publisher file and made a digital 3D Shape poster! We might even know the difference between pyramids and prisms now….


An Early Bushfire Season

Bushfires, or wildfires, are a big part of the Australian life, unfortunately, and our bushfire season has started early this year. With so much devastation already, when it is not summer yet, it is scary to think about what might be around the corner.

When we have bushfires, the wildlife really suffer. With their habitat destroyed - they often have nowhere to go, no food and nothing to drink. Those that are lucky enough not to get burnt or injured are still at risk. There are news reports asking residents to put out a container of water for wildlife if you live in a bushfire zone.

Mel at From the Pond has draw a cute koala clipart set where 100% of the profits made from the sale of the set will be sent to a non-profit organisation caring for injured Australian Wildlife. You can visit her blog to find out more details.
I am proud to say I have purchased the set and I hope you do to! For $4 you can help - it is only spring, we have a long hot summer still to come...

Click on the button to be taken straight to the file.

Math Game Monday - Odds/Evens and Numbers to 1000!

I mentioned last week that I attended a Professional Development session last Monday with Maths guru Andrea Hillbrick. My teaching partner and I have currently been using games as a warm up to each Maths lesson we teach. Every week, we would plan 5 different warm up games (all mental computation) to add variety. After listening to Andrea and taking on her suggestion of one game a week - we are going to try it out this week. This is our plan:
Day 1: Teach the game (if unknown) and children play
Day 2: Children play (competition element will motivate children)
Day 3: Discuss the maths involved (so children are thinking while playing)
Day 4: Make an alteration to the game
Day 5: Make another alternation to the game to make it harder.

After reflecting on this, I was so glad that I have been putting together a big collection of Maths Games this year, not only to share with you all, but also for my own benefit. I forget games so easily! Now I have a ready bank of games to go back though, change the game, and build the mental computation skills of my students. This week, we are going to work on developing our Times Tables skills.

Right now, I have so many different games going around in my mind for you this week - but I am going to share an oldy, by goody that takes little preparation 

Click on the instruction sheet to download.

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

All previous Math Game Monday's are available on the Math Game Monday Page. 


New Books, New Books, New Books!

Happy weekend everyone! The weekends seem to be the only time I am getting to do blog posts at the moment - sorry about that! I would say I will be better - but I can't see that happening anytime soon!

I was very excited when I checked my pigeon hole at lunch on Friday - lots of boxes from Book Depository had arrived. Just going on Book Depository makes me excited - who wouldn't love books, books and more books and free shipping. So I might just have spent a little bit of money - but I am happy with my purchases so far.... (I've got a feeling there are a few more boxes to come - oops)!

I really liked the look of My Even Day and had to get One Odd Day to go with it. I am channeling my inner lower primary teacher with these ones! I love both, but love the potential of teaching the skill of doubling with my even day also!

More junior books - great for counting and introducing the concept of fractions. 

I have wanted to purchase the Math Curse for a looooonng time so I so happy I finally have it! This would be a great book to explore at the start of the year when we do our topic on "Maths is Everywhere". LOVE!

And of course you can't go onto Book Depository without checking to see if Mo Williams has any new books out! I was opening the books with the kids on Friday afternoon and they were so excited to read Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs and then they saw a new pigeon book - they were screaming!!!! We love the pigeon books!

Australia celebrates World Teacher's Day on Friday the 25th of October and I got surprised with a morning coffee from one of the Mum's in my class - just lovely!


How Cool is This! A Handy Hint...

Do you want a new way to display children's work? This is a cute idea Andrea Hillbrick shared with us on Monday and I LOVE it!

First you start off with two pieces of coloured paper. We used paper from a notepad, about half the size of a normal piece of paper.
Write on one piece of paper and cut the other as an L shape on the fold so that when open it creates a T shape. Cut a diagonal snip on the base of the L (see next picture to see why).
Then slip the piece of paper in it's stand!
How easy was that!

Colour the Fraction!

Tuesday already - no way! We had a PD day yesterday with Maths Guru Andrea Hillbrick presenting. She taught me so many new games and ideas - I can't wait to share!!!

In the meantime, if you haven't seen Andrea's books - check out this link! This is my favourite book!

Fractions has been our unit in Maths for a couple of weeks now. A few weeks ago I shared an activity we did - I finally finished putting the freebie together of the activity and here it is!

Here is my student's work...
Here is where you can download your copy of the activity to complete in your class!

I'll leave you today with a sign we put on our door. We thought it was funny and had the kids confused for a while - It was really annoying our cleaner so she changed it one night after school!


Maths Game Monday - Place Value Snap!

Another week has gone by! It's time again for...

A simple Place Value game today and as every teacher knows, we always need more Place Value practice! I have played this game with Grade 1's, 2's and 3's! All you need is a deck of cards! Have fun - simply add more players and more cards to make your numbers larger!

Click on the instruction sheet to download.

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

All previous Math Game Monday's are available on the Math Game Monday Page. 


Quick Math Game Monday!

Term 4, Week 2 - how are we already here! There is so much to do this term and it is already flying by! Here is another Math Game Monday for you for this week!

A really quick game for you this week! Our Maths Specialist taught me this game and I decided it didn't really need typing up (that and after I have spent a lot of the weekend working on my computer I decided I needed to work smarter)!

It's called Remainder Game - perfect for Grades 2 and 3 who are learning division! And those teachers who are working as substitute teachers, this is a great game to have up your sleeves!

Work in groups of 2 with a 6-sided dice. Choose a number between 12 and 16. This is your number that will be divided each time. Then take it in turns of rolling the dice. 

If you choose the number 13 and you roll a 4 - then you can divide it 3 times with 1 remainder so that player gets 1 point.

Then if the partner rolls a 5 - then you can divide it 2 times with 3 remainder so that player gets 3 points. 

Continue playing for 10 rolls of the dice each, adding up your score as you play. The person with the largest total is the winner. 

Easy and Fun! Enjoy!

All previous Math Game Monday's are available on the Math Game Monday Page.


TpT Quick Sale!!!

Everyone is having sales this weekend - I have bought way more clipart than I should have and now Teachers Pay Teachers is having an impromptu sale too! Just what my paypal account needs, hehe!

Here are the details - Teachers Pay Teachers has reached 100,000 facebook followers and is celebrating with 10% off - I am over an additional 20% off in my store, so a total of 28% off! Just don't forget to enter the code "FB100K" - I've forgotten to use the code at sales times before!

Here is a link to my store!



It is well and truly Spring here in Australia now - we are having cold mornings and hot days. R and I moved into a new house at the start of this year, so seeing if bulbs come up and seeing what flowers we have in our garden has been exciting!

The other day R walked in with this beautiful rose - I can't believe the colours in it! It doesn't smell though, but it is beautiful!

It's Saturday morning here in Australia, so off to do some cleaning and washing. Happy weekend everyone!


Five for Friday

I finally got back to Five for Friday - I do love reflecting on my week, but sometimes I am just so tired by the end of the week, I come home, get distracted on the internet and never get to it! My goal this week - to blog!

Firstly, congratulations to my winners from my giveaway - Pam and Vicki, you have some great things coming to your email address now!

1. Over the holidays I rearranged a little in my classroom - these now live right next to my desk - I am making much better use of them for storage of games and activities! I also got around to creating our Geometric Multiplication Circles display - it looks great on the window!
2. This was a fun Word Work game we did this week - it is a simple concept of teaching Homophones - the class LOVED it so much we are playing it again next week! There are never enough ideas for Word Work for Grades 3 and 4 - highly recommend! You can download it from Mrs Poultney's Creations here!
3. We have finished off our unit on Fractions and Decimals this week - we played this fun game (can't believe it was such an easy idea) - I'll put together a freebie on the weekend for everyone!
4. Today we finished off the unit with lots of fun games for 45 minutes, including sheppardsoftware - have you seen it? Great maths resources! These girls are playing 3 way concentration using Fractions and Decimals Cards.
5. We also did these great Book Reports that I bought from Kelly Benefield. The children were so enthusiastic to introduce a new book to their classmates. We now have them hanging up in the classroom ready for children to read!
They came with this great bunting display! Download your own copy here!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone else has been up to this week!


Scentsy Time!

What's something that teachers love because it makes their room smell really nice (and covers all that yucky kid smell?) - it't Scentsy! This is totally a non teaching post but every teacher needs to have another hobby, right?

I got hooked on Scentsy when I taught in the USA so when I heard it was coming to Australia, I just HAD to sign up - I mean I had waited 5 years and everything!

I have been so so so excited at it all and I just had to share some pictures!

When my first box arrived!

My starter kit!

My next order arrives!!

Mmmmmm I love the Etched Core Warmer with Wrap!

I am still trying to decide which one I want for my classroom - a green and blue would go really well this year, but I am thinking of a different theme next year so I don't know! I definitely know I will be warmer some Two Harbors and Black Raspberry Vanilla! LOVE

If you are Australian and you like the sound of Scentsy - please visit my website or facebook page. You can simply order something special for yourself or a friend (Christmas is coming) on the website or if you are interested in hosting an online party and collecting some hostess rewards, that can be arranged also!

Happy Warming!

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