Math Game Monday

Sorry I missed my post last week - I went home for Father's Day and then was packing to go on school camp and totally forgot to schedule the post on Sunday night! Oops - ah well - we are back again this week.....
Another chance game today - I am sure many of you have played this game before - but this is perhaps a twist. Download it and see!

Click on the instruction sheet to download. 

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

I have transferred all previous Math Game Monday posts to a new page on my blog - click above to go to any games you might have missed!

This week I am also joining up with iSURF's linky party. Click on the picture below for more details!


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  1. I love this game! Students love it and at uni during a maths lecture we all played it (and loved it to pieces). Thanks for a rules sheet and plan. : )


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