Five for Friday

Another week has gone by - two weeks to go until holidays.

This week was camp week for us - so if you emailed me this week, I am sorry, I will get back to you this afternoon - it has been a busy week and I am so tired!

We went to the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement for our school camp. Our current unit of inquiry is looking into our past, and since Swan Hill is along the Murray River like us - we got to look at the history in another river town.

Here are some happy snaps.
LOVE an old fashioned village, they will always have a special part in my heart!

Of course we all go to the Pioneer Settlement to visit the goat? It reminded me when we went to the cemetery and they loved the big cows? Oh they make me laugh!

Paddlesteamers were such a great invention for this area.

The children loved this tree that was used by the local Koori community to make a canoe - we had a local elder speak to us at school about how to make canoe so they were so excited to see how it was done - they all loved the Koori Educator at the Pioneer Settlement.

And of course we had to do some writing with ink and nib - they were surprisingly very good at it - all those that weren't left handed that is - they just couldn't manage not to smudge the ink!


  1. Saw your Five for Friday link and headed over. What a fun field trip!

    Granny Goes to School

  2. The trip looks like a lot of fun. We have a similar place here in Ohio. A trip like that is really the best way for students to connect to this time period. I'm glad you had such a good time.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Fit to be Fourth
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