Amazing Freebie From Paula's Place - Today Only!

Paula from Paula's Place is celebrating her blogversary! This is her last day of her celebrations and her last freebie she is giving away! Today it is a wonderful set of Word Wall Words and Posters! I definitely want it!

Here is how you can get it too - head on over to her blog, then like her facebook wall and it is all yours to download. A WHOLE 75 PAGES FOR FREE! If I was going to buy it, I am sure I would pay at least $8! But hurry it is only a flash freebie for today!

Paulas Place

LOVE Clipart? Check this Out!

Do you love Clipart? Actually...

Have you seen this little button on blogs lately? This was made by Mel at Graphics From the Pond.

She currently has an adorable set of Fall Graphics for FREE, that's right FREE, when you put this button on your blog! Hope on over to her blog to find out more details!

Free graphics, I like the sound of that!

Footy, Footy, Footy

Yay for holidays - we have been on holidays for the past week - I have been enjoying catching up with some family, doing some jobs, going shopping and FINALLY buying my Kitchen Aid! I have been looking for one for ages, and today found one at an irresistible price, so I just had to put my birthday money (I have been saving it since January) towards it!

Today is Grand Final Day in Australia. It is currently three quarter time and the team I am going for is up by 10 points. They better win, we definitely don't want the other team to win - they are from the other side of the country and not liked very much at all! Australian Rules Football is an interesting game - my US Grandma calls it "keepings off" and basically it probably is!

Go Hawks!
Edit: Hawks won by 15 points! Yay!

P.S. There is a special giveaway coming up on my blog (somehow I have all these extra followers and views happening - definitely something to celebrate!) - if you are interested in donating a product from your store, please email me at with all the details!

Thanks so much!


Fraction Wall With a Difference

It's Thursday Eve - yay! 2 more days then it is 2 weeks school holidays for us in Victoria - I can't wait to recharge and get my life somewhat organised again!

Today we created a Fraction Wall with a Difference. I have done the traditional pen and paper fraction wall in the past, but I needed something a little more hands on! My teaching partner took the top 20 kids for a trickier fraction/decimals/percentages/ratios wall, while I took the benchmark, strategic and intensive children (about 25 - we have a lot already on holidays) where we also created a fraction wall.

First, I cut strips of paper for the children and gave each child 6 strips. We worked through working though the idea of "1 whole" then 1/2 and folded the strip in half. Then we did 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and they really got the pattern! We talked about equivalent fractions and they finally really got it!

Then we worked on 1/3 and 1/6 - this was a little trickier! But they still understand that 2/6 equals 1/3 and that is huge for some children!

This is the finished product (we didn't work out all the decimals and percentages, I did this for those who were ready - others just wrote the fractions).

We used WINK (What I Know Now) as our reflection and joined up with the extension group - it was so good to hear what both groups learnt today. Success, no one was confused at the end! I love lessons like that!


Math Game Monday

Sorry I missed my post last week - I went home for Father's Day and then was packing to go on school camp and totally forgot to schedule the post on Sunday night! Oops - ah well - we are back again this week.....
Another chance game today - I am sure many of you have played this game before - but this is perhaps a twist. Download it and see!

Click on the instruction sheet to download. 

For Australian Teachers

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

I have transferred all previous Math Game Monday posts to a new page on my blog - click above to go to any games you might have missed!

This week I am also joining up with iSURF's linky party. Click on the picture below for more details!



Let's Learn to Subitize!

Hi everyone and happy weekend!

I got to work yesterday while R watched all the news about the election (we now have a new Prime Minister in Australia) and finished off a few of the booklet that have sat on my computer for a while.

This is one of them: Subtizing Flip Cards and Friends of Ten Booklet. This pack uses the adorable clipart of Mel at From the Pond and I can't wait to teach younger children again so I can use them myself! (I used to use something similar but they were nowhere near as cute as these!

To show you how to use this pack, I created a video - so sit back and enjoy! Such a simple idea but really worthwhile for Prep or Kindergarten. 

And a couple of photos...

You can download it from all my stores TpT, TN and TM.


Five for Friday

Another week has gone by - two weeks to go until holidays.

This week was camp week for us - so if you emailed me this week, I am sorry, I will get back to you this afternoon - it has been a busy week and I am so tired!

We went to the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement for our school camp. Our current unit of inquiry is looking into our past, and since Swan Hill is along the Murray River like us - we got to look at the history in another river town.

Here are some happy snaps.
LOVE an old fashioned village, they will always have a special part in my heart!

Of course we all go to the Pioneer Settlement to visit the goat? It reminded me when we went to the cemetery and they loved the big cows? Oh they make me laugh!

Paddlesteamers were such a great invention for this area.

The children loved this tree that was used by the local Koori community to make a canoe - we had a local elder speak to us at school about how to make canoe so they were so excited to see how it was done - they all loved the Koori Educator at the Pioneer Settlement.

And of course we had to do some writing with ink and nib - they were surprisingly very good at it - all those that weren't left handed that is - they just couldn't manage not to smudge the ink!

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