Excursion Time!

As Monday is coming to a close, I am exhausted and it is only Monday! We started our week off with an excursion today!

First we went to the Bendigo Discovery Centre - similar to an exploratorium or scienceworks, the discovery centre was lots of fun for the kids. Their favourite was this vertical slide! So many kids went down it!

Then we visited a place called Confectionary Capers - everything in the shed is run using a wheel of some sort - we were all overwhelmed by what was in there (over 2000 things) and the kids wanted to try everything! Everything also had a play on words - really quite clever! The owner (an ex teacher) also had some great sayings around. Here are a few for you all.


  1. Aarrgghh! That vertical slide looks awesome!! Looks like so much fun, great way to start the week....and ummmm whinery! Too funny, I think I have one :)

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. I loved the "whinery" very funny! Thanks Tania!

  2. Wow looks like a great excursion and no wonder you're so tired! Don't know if I could have gone down the slide, looks somewhat scary ;-)



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