3 for Free - Fact Family Triangles for Multiplication and Division

I love winter, the cold, the wooly jumpers, hot chocolate and rain - but when winter means children in your class are sick, then they pass it onto the teacher, it is not fun! I am am home sick today, but a good chance to catch up on some things online....

We are into the thick of our multiplication and division unit of work at the moment. We have been sticking to multiplication and timestables, but wanted to move into making the connections between multiplication and division. We started playing Multiplication Salute (a variation of a game in my Warm Up with Math Game Pack), moved into a discussion about 3 for Free and then into a discussion about Fact Families.

Firstly I spent half an hour Sunday cutting out and laminating the cards - after doing that for over 70 cards, my Teaching Partner thankfully cut them out again!
(The reason we did so many was not only to differentiate within our class, children are practising all different levels of timestables, and also because we have 52 children in our class).
Then after our warm up, we discussed 3 for Free! I made up these cute posters for the occasion!
We then went to town pulling out fact family cards and writing our 3 for Free sums in our Maths Book. Some got very excited and filled up the page. Others added a zero to numbers to change the sum and make it more difficult! I love it when they challenge themselves!

These activities can be found in my Fact Family Triangles Pack!

I have also bundled this pack in with my Addition and Subtraction Fact Family Triangles!

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  1. I love the saying "three for free!" I've never heard it before.. very cute!

    Third Grade in the First State


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