Volume and Capacity Week

The weekend has come and gone, I am sure they go faster than what Monday and Tuesday do - ah well, I eventually get everything done that I need to!

What a fun week we had to start the term in Maths last week, we spent the week investigating Volume and Capacity. I thought I would share a couple of our favourite activities from the week.

We started with an activity where we pretended we were buying a jar of boiled lollies. Each of the unifix was a different lolly. We used a piece of paper to make a cylinder, then filled the "jar" with our lollies. 
Then we put the blogs in their colours and made a graph with the blocks.
 Then we measured and drew a cylinder in our maths book and counted the number of blocks we had to fit inside our cylinder.
 This is what we recorded in our books.
Then we repeated the activity with a different sized cylinder and compared the results. This was a great two day investigation!
Then we did another investigation from this great booklet from fellow Australia, Tania Poultney. I always get excited when I find something online that I know my class are going to absolutely love and this was no exception!
We started with watching this video on youtube. It is a little corny but it taught children the concept they needed to know.
Then our first step was to make the three boxes included in the pack. We worked in groups of three so we didn't have to make all three!
Then we had to work out the volume of each box using 1cm cubes. The little box was their favourite.
It was so interesting to see how the children got their answers for working out the volume of the boxes. Some clicked and simply worked out the length x width x height, others counted all the blocks. Luckily the worksheets contain some extension questions so those who finished early went on with those. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of that!
This pack also includes posters, a game and capacity activities - we didn't quite get to those last week! There was the potential for another two lessons.
Click on the picture to download the booklet for yourself - and at $4 it is a bargain!


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the shoutout Alison! So great to see your kiddos enjoying the activities and very glad that you could see more opportunities. BTW I love the lollies in a jar activity you did first, I may *steal* borrow that idea for my class!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Of course Tania! I started by telling them about this lolly shop I went into on my holidays and what was there and then I saw on the back wall, the boiled lollies - then told a big story about having to share them with Rohan and how much they were going to cost each and then moved into the activity, it was so engaging for them!

  2. this is awesome


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