Teacher Stores!

It's Friday night, Friday night, Friday night! Amusingly, I might be celebrating that it is Friday night, but I have actually scheduled this post, because I am at school! We are having an open wardrobe night and all the female teachers are models - I don't know a lot about how it works, but will find out and then blog about it!

US teachers you are sooooo lucky - you have both the Dollar Store and Teacher Stores. We have some similar things, but nothing close to what you have! So what do I do when I am in Chico, California visiting family, visit the Dollar Store and Creative Apple. I LOVE Creative Apple and I am sure I was in there for an hour - R was very patient and carried everything for me as I went around and went ooooooooo aaaaahhhhhh! It is so much easier these days with the internet and amazon and the like, but when I started teaching, it was hard to be creative!

Here I am, just a little excited!

So many great borders and posters!

My small collection, I found some great things - unfortunately I would have needed another suitcase to bring back everything I wanted! LOVE my new dice!


  1. When I was in Canada on the winter holidays I did end up buying another carry on sized suitcase to bring back all my dollar store classroom purchases! :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. I am completely blaming you (in a good way) for my HUGE trip to the Dollar Tree today. I can say for sure that I carried more bags out than ever before. I'll definitely be blogging about all of the wonderful items soon!

    Mrs O Knows


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