Greg Tang Online Maths Books

I know I have blogged about this before (click here to see my last post) but I wanted to make sure everyone out there in the blogging world new about this great resource online.

Greg Tang, author of Grapes of Math, Math Appeal and Math for All Season (plus many more) has a fantastic website. Included on this website are ebooks of his books.

Our Maths Specialist used these with the kids today in class. He always turns such a simple idea into a whole lesson - he just always knows the right questions to ask the kids.... Our whole lesson was based on arrays, so we looked at pages like this.
The children solved the question, drew the picture, re-drew the array in a different way, and then explained how they worked the question out. See, simple, but powerful!

This is my favourite snap of the day.

You can use Greg Tang Online Books in your lessons by clicking here.


  1. I hooked up with the Greg Tang website after your last post and I have got to say I love it!!
    The games, the books and the resources are amazing. I love his different approach to times table practice in his resources with his 3 different levels - I had a whole class hooked with them!

    1. That's great Angie - I am so glad you love it too! GREAT to hear from another teacher who has had great success with the ebooks!

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