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Since I have been a bit slack with my Maths Games lately (don't worry they will be back) - I thought I would give you a different kind of freebie today. Here is a writing activity you can do after a mid year break or after summer holidays - Repeat my lesson and it will take over 2 hours to complete, that's a lot of your first day back already planned!

Firstly we all wrote down our favourite thing about our school holidays (vacation) on a piece of paper. Then we put the paper in a hat and pulled some out - with each activity we pulled out we tried to guess what the child could have done then tried to guess which child did it. The purpose of this activity was to get us thinking in more detail what happened on our favourite thing.

Then we wrote out postcards to Miss Hislop.
Then in the afternoon we drew our pictures - cut both out and stuck them onto coloured cardstock. Here are a few of our samples.

You can download this booklet for free from here.


  1. I did a holiday postcard this week... it was nowhere near as good as yours! I'm saving this for next time. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. Awww, shucks Lauren! Glad you can use it another time!



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