Great Symmetry Pictures!

We have been really enjoying our Maths planning at the moment – at my school we spend multiple weeks on the same topic all at once, I loose interest in teaching the same topic for a long period of time – however, the last three weeks have been volume, symmetry and chance and data – 4 lessons each. All GREAT topics! We have been doing a little multiplication and division at the same time, but will move into a couple of solid weeks of M&D soon.

Here are some great symmetry activities I found that we used last week.

We had used mirrors and reflected letters earlier in the year, so the kids already knew the basics. We went straight to drawing symmetrical pictures.

Of course I had to have a turn first on the IWB.

I downloaded these from Teachers Pay Teachers and loved the picture choices, especially the Lego me – a definite recommendation!

Then the next day we got the idea for a Symmetry City from downloading this booklet – however, we wanted the children to come up with their own pictures and gave them a worksheet with a grid on it to help them out.

This was the last activity we had lined up – but didn’t get to it, so we will save it until later in the year!

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I just updated from Energy Workstation – Classroom Science Experiments booklet – it looks much prettier now! If you have previously downloaded it, please head back into “My Purchases” and download it again.


Math Game Monday is BACK!

Back after popular demand is Math Game Monday! I am up to my 15th Game for you! If you missed previous entries, see the links below to download all the other games.

This week I have a great game perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade teachers! You may have played "sparkle" which essentially a spelling version of the game buzz! As always, full details are included in the free download.

 For Australian Teachers  

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

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This week I am also joining up with iSURF's linky party. Click on the picture below for more details!



Starting Your School Year with a Time Capsule

As many of you in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year, we in Australia have just celebrated our 100th Day at school. This weekend, as I read blogs of teachers setting up their classroom and getting activities organised for the start of the school year, I have been reminiscing about my school year so far. It has gone by so fast! If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know I started at a new school this year and there has been so much to do, the weeks have flown by! I wanted to share an activity I did in the first week of school with my class.

Have you ever started your school year with time capsule activity? This is the second year I have, and after the excitement in the last week of school last year when we opened them - I couldn't resist, I had to make one again!

Here is what is included in my class time capsule:

Firstly, children made the All About Me booket from my pack.

Then we took a photo on the First Day of School and printed it off. We also included a streamer the length of our height so we can compare at the end of the year. Next we decorated an envelope and placed everything inside the envelope. (This whole process did take about a week).

Then we put all the envelopes in a box.

And tied up the box so we can't get into it - I have also labeled it "Time Capsule". Next year I am thinking of spray painting a box and making it a little fancier - in the busyness of the start of the school year, I had to grab what I had!

This week I had a meeting in my classroom with some children and one said "Miss Hislop, you have a time capsule!". I didn't even need to answer, a child in my class started telling them all about it - I could see they were excited! I can't wait to see how much the children have grown at the end of the year!

If you are interested, here is what is included in the whole "All About Me" pack. Click on the image to download from Teachers Pay Teachers.

And you can download it at my other stores too!

***** Competition Time ****** Leave a comment below stating why you would like a copy of this pack and I will choose 2 winners on Monday night (Australian Time).


Teacher Stores!

It's Friday night, Friday night, Friday night! Amusingly, I might be celebrating that it is Friday night, but I have actually scheduled this post, because I am at school! We are having an open wardrobe night and all the female teachers are models - I don't know a lot about how it works, but will find out and then blog about it!

US teachers you are sooooo lucky - you have both the Dollar Store and Teacher Stores. We have some similar things, but nothing close to what you have! So what do I do when I am in Chico, California visiting family, visit the Dollar Store and Creative Apple. I LOVE Creative Apple and I am sure I was in there for an hour - R was very patient and carried everything for me as I went around and went ooooooooo aaaaahhhhhh! It is so much easier these days with the internet and amazon and the like, but when I started teaching, it was hard to be creative!

Here I am, just a little excited!

So many great borders and posters!

My small collection, I found some great things - unfortunately I would have needed another suitcase to bring back everything I wanted! LOVE my new dice!


Winners and I'm on Twitter!

Welcome Friday Eve, this week has flown by but I am quite ok about that!

On Tuesday I posted about my new A-Z Posters. As promised, I owe a packet to two of you. R is doing the dishes and I just yelled out for him to choose two numbers between 1 and 8 and, drumroll please............... winners are 4, 6 - Cori and Yvonne there is a pack heading your way! Congratulations.

Never fear if you didn't win, you can still purchase the booklet at my teaching stores.

Now, while I am talking teaching stores, I recently got my act together. I now sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher's Notebook and Teacher's Marketplace and also now have a Twitter account! I would love to connect with some more teachers through Twitter - I have been reading plenty of blogs about how good Twitter is for teachers! 

Find me on Twitter @mathswithmeanin and send me a tweet so I can follow you!

I have also made a bloglovin account

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Phew, I think I am all caught up now!


Greg Tang Online Maths Books

I know I have blogged about this before (click here to see my last post) but I wanted to make sure everyone out there in the blogging world new about this great resource online.

Greg Tang, author of Grapes of Math, Math Appeal and Math for All Season (plus many more) has a fantastic website. Included on this website are ebooks of his books.

Our Maths Specialist used these with the kids today in class. He always turns such a simple idea into a whole lesson - he just always knows the right questions to ask the kids.... Our whole lesson was based on arrays, so we looked at pages like this.
The children solved the question, drew the picture, re-drew the array in a different way, and then explained how they worked the question out. See, simple, but powerful!

This is my favourite snap of the day.

You can use Greg Tang Online Books in your lessons by clicking here.


New Product and Quick Giveaway

Tuesday is finished, yay! I love it when a day is over in Australia and the rest of the world still need to experience it!

Blogging friends, I have a new addiction of late - buying clipart - or better yet, downloading free clipart. I downloaded some adorable clipart from both Jessica Weible Illustrations and Graphics From the Pond and could wait to use them. The first thing I thought of was and Alphabet Set so I just had to make one! I know that the next time I teach Prep or Grade 1 these posters are going to be the first ones I put up - seriously, the clipart is adorable!

Here is what you get for your money...

Two Alphabet sets (26 posters in each set) - both sets contain the same pictures, one set contains only pictures, the other set contains pictures and words. Please see the pictures below!

Aren't they so cute?!

Do you want a chance to win your own pack of A-Z Posters? Simply leave a blog comment below and I will randomly pick TWO winners on Thursday night (Melbourne time).

OR if you can't wait, you can download it from here.



Back to School Freebie

Since I have been a bit slack with my Maths Games lately (don't worry they will be back) - I thought I would give you a different kind of freebie today. Here is a writing activity you can do after a mid year break or after summer holidays - Repeat my lesson and it will take over 2 hours to complete, that's a lot of your first day back already planned!

Firstly we all wrote down our favourite thing about our school holidays (vacation) on a piece of paper. Then we put the paper in a hat and pulled some out - with each activity we pulled out we tried to guess what the child could have done then tried to guess which child did it. The purpose of this activity was to get us thinking in more detail what happened on our favourite thing.

Then we wrote out postcards to Miss Hislop.
Then in the afternoon we drew our pictures - cut both out and stuck them onto coloured cardstock. Here are a few of our samples.

You can download this booklet for free from here.

Volume and Capacity Week

The weekend has come and gone, I am sure they go faster than what Monday and Tuesday do - ah well, I eventually get everything done that I need to!

What a fun week we had to start the term in Maths last week, we spent the week investigating Volume and Capacity. I thought I would share a couple of our favourite activities from the week.

We started with an activity where we pretended we were buying a jar of boiled lollies. Each of the unifix was a different lolly. We used a piece of paper to make a cylinder, then filled the "jar" with our lollies. 
Then we put the blogs in their colours and made a graph with the blocks.
 Then we measured and drew a cylinder in our maths book and counted the number of blocks we had to fit inside our cylinder.
 This is what we recorded in our books.
Then we repeated the activity with a different sized cylinder and compared the results. This was a great two day investigation!
Then we did another investigation from this great booklet from fellow Australia, Tania Poultney. I always get excited when I find something online that I know my class are going to absolutely love and this was no exception!
We started with watching this video on youtube. It is a little corny but it taught children the concept they needed to know.
Then our first step was to make the three boxes included in the pack. We worked in groups of three so we didn't have to make all three!
Then we had to work out the volume of each box using 1cm cubes. The little box was their favourite.
It was so interesting to see how the children got their answers for working out the volume of the boxes. Some clicked and simply worked out the length x width x height, others counted all the blocks. Luckily the worksheets contain some extension questions so those who finished early went on with those. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of that!
This pack also includes posters, a game and capacity activities - we didn't quite get to those last week! There was the potential for another two lessons.
Click on the picture to download the booklet for yourself - and at $4 it is a bargain!


A Saturday Cook-Off

I know this is a teachers blog all about all things education, but I just had to share the productive day we have had today. Meals are made, the house is clean, washing is done, new songs have been downloaded on Itunes and now it is nearly 5pm on Saturday and I am on the couch watching Duck Dynasty!

I don't know which blogger is to blame for getting me hooked on this show - I remember one month, everyone was talking about it, we couldn't get it in Australia at the time, so I didn't look into it any further. Then my Aunt got us hooked on it when we were visiting Grandma in California and now I can't get enough of the hilarious quotes. Red-neck I know, but I still think it is hilarious. Uncle Si and Jase are definitely my favourites! As a winemaker, R was not impressed with their episode about making wine (from supermarket grapes). I am starting to worry a little that R might use some of their lines soon! We are starting at Season 1...

Here's what we put together earlier...
This turned into 15 freezer meals for the coming weeks, plus dinner for tonight. R is really looking forward to the Honey Garlic Chicken Crock Pot dinner. Simply Chicken, Onion, Garlic, Honey, Honey BBQ Sauce and Soy Sauce.

Tonights dinner is chicken coated in Good Season Italian Salad Dressing (Australian's you could use like a spring onion soup mix) with light cream cheese, chicken stock, dash of white wine, onion, garlic, carrot and broccoli. Mmmm yummy!

Add to that some Stout Bread made with Guiness and we are all set!

And in true teacher style I got excited when I went to Big W and found 20 cent exercise books. 

Now relax.... ah.....
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