Math Game Monday time!

Monday again!

Today's game is called Nasty Game and it is a little nasty! Hehe! It is a Place Value game where children try to roll the largest number they can. BUT the catch is they are allowed to give numbers to other players too... Very tricky! 
All instructions, plus an extra explanation page are available in this week's download.
 All instructions are included in the download - just click on the image below!

For Australian Teachers  

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

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Enjoy your week and don't forget about the Sales on Teachers Pay Teachers on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week!


  1. I LOVE this game. I learnt it while on teaching rounds in a Prep classroom years ago. Nice to have clear instructions for it!

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Thanks Stef! It is a new game for me! I love it!

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