Five for Friday

No matter what I teach my class, I am sure there are not 24 hours in a day and there are definitely not 7 days in a week - really, we are heading into Week 5 of Term 2 already? This coming week is our National Testing Week and I definitely did not want to do practise all week and get them totally over tests. We did a bit, but we also are now relying on what we have learnt, so we had some fun instead.

Firstly, last weekend R and I went to visit his Mum for Mother's Day (a week early, but there is 7 hours between our Mum's so we can't see them both at once) and she sent us home with some of our favourite champagne - I found a new use for Two Sheep boots!

We had Rob Vingerhoets visit our school a few weeks ago, he has some great books called "Maths on the Go". We used Connect the Numbers where children had 20 different numbers and they had to find at least 15 equations using the numbers. I forgot to take a picture of the poster, but here are some happy kiddos working!

Thursday was problem solving day. We used some problem solving cards out my KUSAC pack hidden around the room for children to find and answer.

By Friday, we just needed some Math’s games. I found this great game “Dragon Lair” in the Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation Sales. It is made by Teaching Trove, my kids loved it – I loved it too because it was just that little bit trickier! I also turned out Boggle board into a “Noggle” board with Numbers. The kiddos had to make up equation using two of these numbers.

On Friday we sent home cupcakes for the Mum's for Mother's Day. I came back from lunch and my teaching partner had built a pyramid out of them, nervous few seconds there!


  1. I didn't do a whole lot of test prep this week either Alison. We did some writing and maths but it is time to wind it back for them and just let them do it. Love your cupcakes and I am sure your Mums will too!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. Testing can be so stressful. I am sure your students will do great:) Love the cupcake pyramid!

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. I love a nice cold glass of champagne! Lucky you to have 2 bottles in the fridge ready to go. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  4. Thanks Ladies! Testing starts tomorrow! I am just hoping for no tears!


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