Spring Cleaning of Products - in Autumn?

Well, my school holidays have come to an end and Term 2 starts tomorrow. A much needed break, these holidays have given me the opportunity to organise my life! Unfortunately, that means I did everything but do my schoolwork! So that is the plan for today....

Before I get starting on my planning and correction, I thought I would do a blog post and maybe some blog hopping to show off two packs I have revised lately.

My main focus has been to tidy up my packs, add more photos and greater explanation. I started with my Geometric Multiplication Circles. A simple pack, for sale for only a $1.25, this activity helps children understand skip counting with times tables as well as a fun art activity.

The pictures tell it all:

A worksheet for each times table plus a blank worksheet.

Start by highlighting the skip counting pattern.

Then start to draw the lines to match. All instructions on worksheet.

Pattern finished!

Colour the pattern in and then mount on colored cardstock for display.

Available from my Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook and Teachers Marketplace stores for only $1.25 - an activity you can use over and over again as you investigate different times tables.

The second file I have updated is my Decimals and Fractions - Making Connections. This pack was previously 37 pages and now has 74. There are still a few activities to be added with the denominator of 100, but I wanted to upload it now.

Here are some of the activities included in this booklet.

Fraction Wall (add decimals if you like!)

Make a Fraction and Decimal book.

Number Expanders

Number Caterpillar

Plus so much more fun! This pack is full of great ideas to help you teach fractions and decimals as well as plenty of games to print out, laminate and use in small groups. A full 74 pages for only $6!

Available from my Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook and Teachers Marketplace stores.

Now, I really should get to my schoolwork now!


  1. Love these, Alison! Especially the multiplication patterns - they look awesome!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. Wow! Alison - If I go further up the class ladder, these are coming with me!! Jody

  3. My kiddos loved your decimal caterpillar last year Alison and I will definitely be using your pack again this year. I can't wait to use your geometric circles when I get back for Term 2, my kiddos this year will love them. Well done on your Spring cleaning!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  4. Love this work, I wish I had older kids so I could do them.

  5. These products look really great! My kids would love the geometric circles! They are going on my wishlist now!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  6. I LOVE THIS! FINALLY :) Something that works & it'll help me A LOT to teach fractions to decimals. Thank you :)

    1. Aww, that's lovely to hear, thank you so much for the feedback Leanna - I am glad it helped you so much!

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