Falling Into a New Strategy

For those who are regular follower of my blog, you know that I am teaching in a team teaching situation this year where we have two classes in a big space and both together and separately across the day.

The hardest thing we had been finding is the noise level - If I say "noise level 1" I expect noise level of 1. The issue has been 54 children leaving the floor together, crashing into each other and pushing their way to their tubs. We have tried different things like "everyone who has a birthday in January" or "if you are wearing red" but these get old and usually the kids start talking as they leave the floor.

Lately, we stumbled across a winner and I have to share it with you - it is simple! The task is explained, noise level discussed, collection of materials collected and then we send off about 6 kids. We watch them go to their tubs, I am still talking saying what a great job they are doing moving off with a zero voice level, collecting what they need and then straight to work, then we start nodding at children. When we nod at the child they are allowed to go - they all sit beautifully, quietly and facing us so they can see when we nod at them, so they go off to work straight away. It may take another minute, but it is definitely worth it!

Management of 54 children - check!

While I am here, I will share with you an updated pack.

I LOVE number puzzles. We always pull them out if we have a spare 10 minutes - it is a great 10 minute time saver! Once they are made, they last year after year. All details are in the pack!

You can download it for only $1.50 at my Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook or Teachers Marketplace stores.


  1. It sounds like an interesting situation with the 2 classes but I can see how it could get noisy very quickly! Good idea about the nodding- hope it keeps working :)

    1. It is an interesting situation - I am getting used to it now, but it took a while - can be very noisy!

  2. Argh! 54 children! I am on 28, that is quite enough. You know I use a similar tactic with my kiddos too, it is amazing how sitting quietly and raising an eyebrow at certain students can get them back to paying attention. Well done!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. We are 27 each, but end up doing so much together, some days it feels like there are 100 kids in the room! After a term, I have mastered "the look" with this group!

  3. I am lucky that my Preppies move around the room relatively calmly and quietly, so I can let them go about half at a time. Ladies go first and then the gentlemen either try to match the standard of the ladies, or show them how they should have done it. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep


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