A Mid-Week Public Holiday

A mid-week rest for ANZAC Day was definitely well appreciated. After a day of attending the Dawn Service, watching TV and some gardening, I am back to school tomorrow for one more working day this week. It has been great to have a rest day to catch up on life and both my Grandma and Grandpa, who both serviced in WWII have been on my mind all day. R and I have tidied up one garden at our new house and we've added some colour, now we just hope it will rain!
Emma from Clever Classrooms has put together a new blog. Emma is amazing, she has a huge number of resources on Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest, some great ideas and heaps of Teacher Timesavers! Check out her blog below - what I love most about her new blog is that she has brought all her different websites and boards to one easy to find spot!
Clever Classroom

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